Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Some of My Favorite Live Performances At the Moment

I'm bored so I decided to post up some of my fave live performances that I've been watching for a while.

I'm going to starts off with a K-Pop favorite, Ga-In.

I love this Ga-In track and and I love her performance. She recruited the Bloom over-enthusiastic dancer boys and they add an extra sparkle to this performance. On top of that Ga-In is quite sexy even when dressed in clothes that only expose like three inches of her thighs. Her breathy voice matches perfectly with this chill jazz inspired song.

"I Like You" by Got7 is not only a perfect song but it is also executed perfectly live. I honestly think this along with "I Was Born to Dance" are some of their best performances. As suho_ftw puts it "Mark makes me blush." We're both Mark fangirls. But don't let him outshine the other members (although it is hard when he does that flip @2:03.) All the members shine here even Yungyeom who was shafted a bit in "Girls Girls Girls."

Hyosung's solo debut song was perfect and showcased her more breathy vocals perfectly. Not only that but it proved that she can dance well too. "Good-Night Kiss" is a great song and I love the styling for her. It reminds me of a boxers jacket before they go in the ring to knock someone out mixed with some sexy summer outfit. Hyosung looks happy performing here which is also a plus because it's always refreshing to see an idol love what they do.

Just ruling out "Overdose" life performance, EXO's "Christmas Day" is a great song with an ovary ruining performance to go with it. The sultry suspenders dance is enough to make me shift position in my chair, not to mention the boys sound great. Xiumin is really cute during this as he looks like a little hamster trying to seduce ya. Kai is so hot when he dances, like Jesus Christ wow! Suspenders are already sexy and EXO exaggerates that in the best way possible.

"The Red Shoes" by IU is good in any aspect in my opinion. This live performance is one of the better ones as it has a beautiful setting that looks like something out of "Chicago." The grand scale and use of the colors gold, red, and black are quite pleasing to the eyes and it's pleasurable seeing IU dance to some old school shuffle during the chorus. The disappearing act at the end always leaves me intrigued. 

Majority of VIXX's performances live or not are high powered and fun to watch. Korean Media made them change the choreography for live audiences/banned it. I have an upcoming article for the fuckery of The Korean Banishment Association later. However, the dance was still great and VIXX boys still carried it well. Suho_ftw can go fangirl over N and Ravi because I know she fucking is so happy birthday.

Here are some nugu's for you! These girls are all sassy and confident with a kick-ass debut song and a lot of soul. I'm starting to see more and more K-Pop vocalist that can actually carry a tune which is very refreshing. I would love to see these girls do a remake of "A Night in Tunisia" I think they're voices would suit it well. They're choreography is on point and they all work the stage just as four people. No back-up dancers, no one-million members, just the members up their doing their thing. A+!

Here's some TVXQ. I particularly like this live for the exact opposite reason I love Kiss and Cry's. Kiss and Cry made the best out of having just the members and a great dance while TVXQ made the best out of adding props and more people on stage. Both are great and I like the balance of having male and female dancers while also carrying a smooth choreography. Overall I guess you could say I like the overall styling of this live stage. Good job boys.

This is a great Pop and R&B track and AOA made quite the impression with the interesting choice of miniskirts. I would honestly wear a mini-skirt like that even though I'd look like a fucking retard but who gives a fuck. Another present for Suho_ftw for all the purple. She loves purple with a passion. I'm pretty sure if you could fuck a color she would most defiantly fuck purple. On top of that the way the girls move and switch around during the dance is actually quite interesting to watch. 

Last one! This is live not live stage but it's still great because it humors me. Jungkook sings the trot version followed by the Kermit the Frog Version, followed by the What the Fuck Am I Listening To Version with J-Hope, V and Suga, and  followed by the Harmonized Opera Version that will make you smile at the end. J-Hope kills that note 0:47 btws. Everybody say Y.E.S. 

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