Friday, June 6, 2014

[Review] B.A.P - Where Are You? What Are You Doing?

Last year B.A.P released five amazing songs: "Rain Sound", "One Shot", "Coffee Shop", "Badman", and the glorious "Hurricane." Along with these five awesome songs came five awesome videos. Not only were B.A.P classic B.A.P, they were also versatile with albums that rocked.

Then came 2014 and while "Angel" (1004) is still decent and not bad at all, their are songs on the album (i.e. "Bang x2", "Shady Lady", "SNS", "Save Me.") that make "Angel" (1004) look like a basic filler track that you don't mind listening to but wouldn't replay a thousand times. And that's how I honestly felt about it.

Going back to summer 2013, one song in particular that was my favorite was "Coffee Shop." It was a softer song, yes however it had a hip-hop jazz feel to it, that B.A.P hadn't tried before that shocked me in the best way possible. It was refreshing, cool, relaxing and on top of that the music video had excellent cinematography. 

To say this song is "Coffee Shop" 2.0 wouldn't be the truth but it wouldn't be a lie. The song isn't hip-hop or jazzy at all. It comes closer to Jessica and Tiffany's duet off of SNSD's "Oh" album. With the use of harmonica and guitar's it makes for a more OST springy sound that I honesty love. Then the whistling comes in and adds to the overall joyful feeling the song already has. The rap bits are fitting because they are more relaxed and not hard-core like in their other songs where hard-core rapping is needed. The vocals are soft and go with the music with no one overdoing it. It comes closer to upbeat joyful sounding music than the relaxed "Coffee Shop" and this adds to the reason I love B.A.P's music.

Now is this song for you? If you're okay with B.A.P trying new sounds then you should like it just fine. If you love it when B.A.P tries new sounds then you'll like it. If you're more into B.A.P's hardcore music and not a fan of their softer stuff then you won't like it. And if you're like me where you actually like B.A.P's versatility and that's one of the main reasons why you like B.A.P then you should love it. But all in all, it just comes down to musical taste. Take it or leave it, I take it.

If you liked the feel of "Coffee Shop" then you'll love this MV. They're overseas in Europe, walking around and enjoying the scenery and being the dorks and smiley faces that will make you smile throughout the MV. The cinematography is on point and on top of al of the glorious shots of the countries they're in, this MV also showcases just how hot B.A.P is. With my bias being Zelo, he gets a lot of good shots, and I'm loving his more muted blonde hair.  Jongup looked a bit nervous in the beginning, but towards the end he's goofing off with the other members and is really cute. Daehyun is smiling like crazy, Youngjae get's better with every MV (seriously hnnnnngggg), Yongguk has black hair and his gummy smile never disappoints, and Himchan is really adorable. All the members have their shining moments and the MV is so light, fluffy, careless, cheesy and free that it will just put a big dorky smile on their faces just how they all where dorky smiles at the end of the MV. 

This is a single album with "Where Are You? What Are You Doing?" another track and the instrumental to WAY?WAYD? also. The second track "Definitely Today" is good as well.

The song and video are both a 5/5 Smiling B.A.P.'s.

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  1. I loved the song. Video's good too.
    You're right about them all looking hot. 10/10 would Bang Yongguk :D