Monday, June 30, 2014

[Rant] Why in the Actual FUCK is Taeyeon Apologizing?

I know I said we were kind of done with this but things are going from bad to worse.

This whole fucking "scandal" in a nut-shell.

First Article: "I'm really, really sorry I made you feel things you didn't need to feel and the article happened because I wasn't more careful." Taeyeon, the feelings you're referring to aren't ones you need to be apologizing for. SONEs and EXOtics are feeling jealousy and weak ass anger based off of stuff they have no proof over just so they can be pissed. They shouldn't be feeling jealousy nor should they feel hurt because you're growing the fuck up and wanting actual feelings that human beings feel. You know because you are after all human, but apparently you're fans and anti's aren't.

Second Article: Fans allegedly throw crap at Taeyeon at an airport and she goes around apologizing to them. What. The. Actual. Fuck?????????? You should have pulled a Rihanna and hit them with it right back. Why are you taking this bullshit Taeyeon? Just tell the fans to shut the fuck up and put up with the fact that they're not going to date one of their oppars. Jesus fucking Christ.

Third Article: *Note this person claims that these are not their opinions, but the opinions of netizens. So this is not directed at he/she.* This is just… all sorts of wrong. Yeah believe malicious rumors and scandals that don't determine them as people. And the worst part is, people are actually using this as reasons as to why they hate Taeyeon and Baekhyun. How fucking pathetic can you get? This is enough to make any K-Pop fan just get up and leave, I know if I didn't like the music like I did, I would.

Fourth Article: Really? You want Baekhyun removed from EXO? Nothing to say here besides:

And we thought Sulli had a bad year in 2013. Man, SM period is a ticking time bomb this year. 

The worst part is that if Taeyeon or Baekhyun or Lee Soo Man commits suicide everyone will then become all sad and shit. To which I will personally fly to Korea and bitch slap all of you for being fucking retards. I swear the Korean Music Industry lets netizens take way too much control. People are constantly calling 2NE1 fugly and then wonder why Bom keeps getting plastic surgery. They called bullying on T-ara when Hwayoung got kicked out however they bullied T-ara and still do to this day. They always complain how their biases never get to live a normal life however when their bias tries to live a normal life they always bullshit, bitch, moan, and complain and whine over "Where's my comeback WAHH!!????" Netizens please just shut the fuck up. This is why blogs like Anti Kpop-Fangirl exist. 

Taeyeon, I think you need to stop apologizing and just do this:

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