Sunday, June 22, 2014

One Does Not Simply Smack Horseok's Titties (Unless it is V)

Yeah, you heard right. Sorry Jimin.

It appears so Jimin. 

More after the jump.

So yeah remember J-Hope's hilarious reaction to Jimin touching his butt? Well V touched his  upper assets only with a more, interesting reaction.

Looks like J-Hope is more of a person who enjoys being felt up more on the upper body than the lower body. That explains so much actually. Why is everyone molesting J-Hope? I mean V (or as I will now call him PerV) didn't even give a fuck, just went in for the gold. Similar to some TaeNy moments pre-dating lol.

Anyways here's a cute J-Hope gif of his kitty hair:


The gifs go to tumblr and they all have logos. Not sure where the Jimin pic came from before I gave it a caption. However it was a god-send and I made it fit for this blog post so yay! 

Titties had V like:

The logo is visible. Don't worry.

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