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My Top 17 Kpop Throwbacks

Bangtan's not on the list because they didn't release anything from 2008-2011 btw.

There was a post on AKF and Suho_ftw had a throwback 2012 edition however that has been stuck as a draft for like two weeks now. So I decided to do my own. You can go in the comments section to get a feeling of the songs on this list. There was fifteen however I extended it seventeen because my seventeenth birthday is coming up so there you have it. Also some songs have been switched and added from the list.

NOTE: These are songs from 2008-2011. This is not a favorite kpop songs of all times list, however if I made that list these would most definitely make it on their. These are throwbacks from a more solid time in kpop.

17. SHINee - AMIGO (2008)

This probably SHINee's most underrated song in terms of singles. The intro with Key's Engrish and the little guitar sound is just heaven to me. Not to mention it's one of their darker electronic sounds. It reminds of something a male equal to T-ara would do in my opinion. I remember this coming out and nearly getting thrown under the rug. That shocked me greatly but whatever it's still an amazing song with one of the most addictive chorus's and a not-too-shabby (again in my opinion) rap from Minho. The MV also showcases SM artist outside of a box so +1 to that. Cold. Hawt. Baby. Cold. Ice. Baby. A.M.I.G.O.

16. Rainbow - To Me (2011)

This is not only one of my favorite kpop ballads of all time, it's one of my favorite ballads period of all time. One can definitely tell it is a sadder song with the sad piano and sort of overall sad feel of the song. However what saves it from being completely depressing is the upbeat backing of it. Plus the little R&B claps/drums in the "Come, come, come, come to me" part of the chorus just had me hooked on this song forever. The music video is pretty cool too. It is the typical "I caught the bastard" cheating however what makes it better than other mv's of the same is the ballet dancing during the bridge @3:18 the punch in the boxing ring after the "Just want to be with you" @3:23 and spray painting the dudes car to make it look it like a rainbow at the very end. It was just the icing on the cake and a creative touch. 

15. Kara - Wanna (2009)

I literally just heard this song this morning and fell the fuck in love. I know I could have thrown in Lupin, Step, or even Mister however while those songs took me another listen to get used to, this had me at hello. It is just classic kpop that we all fell in love with while it is humble and fun the girls are all very pretty and funny throughout the MV. I like the use of guitars throughout the song. The chorus is pretty easy to sing "Gimme my salami my love." The piano that kicks in around 2:45 had my ears smiling and begging for more. Like typical Kara the song gets kicked to extra notch after the bridge bringing in the grandness of why I like a lot of Kara songs. I don't understand why they got revenge on the dude though, but whatever great song pretty video.

14. 4Minute - HUH (2010)

Before Brave Sound came and plagued 4Minute they had really impactful sounding songs with a ton of "RAH" and power similar to that of B.A.P or Bangtan. Yes I just compared 4Minute to B.A.P and Bangtan. They were rough, tough, and confident with kick ass songs to match. This song reminds me of something some new American artist back in 2006 would have debuted with and everyone would have loved. I love the sort of breakdown before the chorus's where they strip some of the instrumental and leave the bass (I think it's bass) which was just pure bliss. Brave Sound, not that 4Minutes music is bad now, but please bring this back.

13. MBLAQ - Mona Lisa (2011)

This song that Spanish elegance to it is great for the ears. MBLAQ are one of the better boy groups out there in terms of solid releases for singles. The style of the MV and song actually remind me a lot of Boyfriends current release with "Obsession." So that shows that MBLAQ are influential as well. It's hard to sway to this beat whenever I hear this tune or sing that high-note in the bridge. Or the decent use of English too, overall just a pretty song and an excellent release from the boys, and they've stayed consistent through the years as well.

12. F(x) - Sweet Witches (2011)

I knew there was a reason I liked Tiny G's "Miss You" so much. It was reminissant to one of the best songs of my favorite girl group F(x)! Of course I'd love it. Hear me out. Heavy usage of synths, heavy usage of lower vocals, a chorus that will have you singing "Biguru" or "pbogappa!" all day long, high notes in the bridge that are memorable.They both have me playing them on a daily bases as of lately. Also Amber's little spoken word bit is pretty sweet sounding (she should honestly sing more. Seriously.) This song is similar to "Shadow" and "Ice Cream" off of their other albums, which are fucking awesome. I don't know what goes through SM's heads when it comes to marketing F(x) and SHINee however it works because I'd rather have a poorly marketed group with awesome music rather than an awesomely marketed group with poor music. #F(x)RedLightComeback2014.

11. 4Minute - I My Me Mine (2010)

Fuck yes this song fucking rules! It conquers! It kicks complete ass and that's all that matters. It's futuristic sounding without sounding annoyingly heavily robotic. It's cool and has influences of the 1980's I could listen to this song any day and never ever get tired of it. When this MV came out I was rocking out too hard (and as I was just making thirteen) this was an excellent birthday present. Thank you 4Minute for being so badass. That dance is pretty damn cool looking at times. Those outfits are bomb, everything about this song kicks ass and coming from a girl group where at the time aegyo was popular, I appreciate this greatly. 

10. Big Bang - Love Song (2011)

Hey look another ballad! I think it qualifies just fine as a ballad, more of a rock inspired ballad that flows perfectly well with every members contributes and an interestingly shot music video to go with it. Seriously I really like this music video, it goes with the music perfectly. And when the song slowly builds up during the "I hate this love song"x100 parts, I. Was. Sold. Then it picks up in to something more upbeat after the chorus and then T.O.P's and GD's rap wasn't out of place at all and it was then that I loved this love song. Where the fuck did that car come from by the way?

9. Orange Caramel - Aing~ (2010)

Not only does this sound like something off of a Sailor Moon soundtrack but it's catchy as hell and has a certain epic-ness to it especially with the little electric guitars thrown in sparingly. I can't help but mimic the little dances they do as they sing their hearts out. The music video is very…strange and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to be looking at however all of the girls look great and it has a certain theatrical since to it so I'm not complaining. Orange Caramel had me hooked ever sense. 

8. SNSD - Visual Dreams (2011)

It's not everyday SNSD try something less poppy pop and more synthy-pop. When they do try synth pop it is quite impressive, however SM saves the more synth stuff for F(x) (not that I'm complaining.) However whenever SNSD do it it's quite refreshing (see "Show Show Show", "Look At Me", "Europa".) This song has a strong repayable sound and the visuals of the music video are pretty cool to watch. I still think this is an excellent song. 

7. T-ara - Tic Tic Toc (2009)

This is from their "Absolute: First Album", Which is an awesome album and I highly recommend you give a listen. This song gives off that dark early 90's electro/techno vibe that you'd hear in a dance club or something. This is my favorite track from their album and yes I like it more than"Roly Poly" and "I Go Crazy Because of You" but not by much. Their vocals are very chilling in this and the bridge with them whispering is amazing! I loved this when I first heard it. T-ara have a solid line of great music singles however this non-title track is one I keep coming to repeatedly. 

6. SHINee - Love Like Oxygen (2008)

When I first heard this, I thought it was a Korean remake of an old Michael Jackson song. But nope, they're just that good. This is what brought me into SHINee, my first song by them ever. I was impressed by the music, the voices, the freaking dance, and the boys. Key had always had me from the start. The song has that old school 70's groove that my parents probably wouldn't guess was from 2008 and would swear it was from the 70's. Rest assured this song is still as great as ever from head to toe it was just, awesome. 

5. 2NE1 - Try to Follow Me (2010)

Yaaasssss. Fuck, I'm calling this old school 2ne1 because anyone who's been following 2ne1 closely and hears this know what the fuck is down. This is the song that made me a 2ne1 fan and it still holds a sweet spot in my heart. It's just so epic, crisp and cut right to the part. Nothing too fancy is being done here and back when dub-step breakdowns didn't plague k-pop they aimed for a more jungle-like (yeah) breakdown that worked perfectly. 

4. F(x) - NU ABO (2010)

The crowd cheering in the back of the instrumental is cheering for a reason. It's because F(x) is awesome and the most awesome of girl groups. The Duchess from AKF pointed out something about this song that I had never noticed before, it sounds a lot like Eminem's "Shake That" a lot in the bass. I totally dig that song, and dig this song even more. Screw the fact that they are always dressed strange (for kpop girl groups that is. Suho_ftw has admitted to wearing worse and so have I) it's refreshing to see some girls in pants for once (during the time.) And baggy clothes, and lifting up their shirts like the boy groups. Sorry but that is sexy even when F(x) does it. You hear that? The crowd is still cheering? That's because F(x) rocks. I contemplated for fifteen minutes on rather or not I should put "Ring Ding Dong" here or "Nu ABO" however I already had two SHINee songs so I wanted it to be fair.

3. Rainbow - Mach (2010)

This had an official Korean release however only a Japanese pv was made for some odd reason. All versions are not that good of quality. However someone made a fan-made mv of this in Korean with an actual decent quality so hats off to them, thank you very much. With that said, number 3 had GD's "She's Gone" and I still fucking love that song, however I remembered Rainbow's amazing song that nobody ever talks about and had to do it justice. I feel as if I've heard this instrumental slightly before however I can't put my finger on it. Also my bias Hyunyoung who always sings her heart sings great hear, all the girls do actually. And Woori's rap was awesome in my opinion. I like the dominitrix concept a lot. The outfits range from completely covered to more on the short side. I actually like the diversity here and the song is just so awesome that I'm just going to let you marinate in it's awesome.

2. Block B - LOL (2011)

The first lyrics are "'Sound so good' that's what you'll say after this track." Block B didn't lie because this shit is fucking dope. It's so dope that it got banned. I don't know where to begin on how dope this track is. I'll start by stop saying dope. Anyway it's like a dark and creepy version of "Black and Yellow" only less retarded lyrics and hotter boys. I cannot help but nod my head and rap along to this masterpiece of a song. Some people got offended because Kyung said something about Barak Obama being black and… yeah that's it. You know, because people still don't know that the President of the United States is black. If Koreans know that shit then our fellow Americans should know it to. You racist. (Note: I am not legitimately calling you a racist.)

1. Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra (2009)

This was actually my first kpop song ever and a strong reason why BEG is one of my favorite groups of all time. The dirty house-electro beats brought me in instantly and it was then that I discovered the beauty that is Korean Pop Music. Keep in mind I discovered this a year after it's release so it had kind of watered down in Korea however for me this was slightly legendary. There was a time when I was convinced that nothing could ever touch this until two years later in 2012 when SHINee came out with "Sherlock" and F(x) came out with "Electric Shock." 

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  1. Glad to see I'm not the only one who likes Absolute: First Album <3