Monday, June 23, 2014

[MV Review] GOT7 - "A"

Got7 returns as adorably-creepy stalkers for "A." And it's awesome.

Okay now the song is different from the majority of songs of 2014 which have been following the smooth R&B side that I love. This song is R&B with a hip-hop and dance influence which I also love. It reminds of Chris Brown's Pre-Rihanna fight music which isn't bad thing at all and I love it. There is no dub-step or trap break down instead it's a more violin+snap break-down, the rap is short and actually good sounding, the English is sort of cringe-worthy but it makes sense enough and JYP loves to give Mark awkward English. Also not to mention that during the chorus of "AAAAAAAAAAA" JB who I think is singing it sounds off pitch however I LOVE that part.  I'm way more off-pitch when I sing it too so I'm not complaining, I'll leave that to the vocal-fags. 

As for the video, it's obvious from the teasers that it's full of fanservice that will make you squeal if your a fangirl or fanboy, and laugh if you're not. I love the atmosphere of the video, seeing as it's very bright and summery. I heard it was shot in Malaysia which was a good call because it looks very pretty and I like the diversity of the video and don't find it awkward. 

But what I do find awkward is Got7 themselves. It's not that they aren't into the song or video, because you can tell they had some fun shooting it, it's just the plot that's weird. I would not want to be that girl, seven guy's stalking you around trying to holla at you? That's one of my worst nightmares especially if they're good looking. (Seriously, they creeping on the girl all while she shopping. WIERD!) What's even more awkward is that they are cute as ever in this MV and the styling is amazing, they look better than they did with "Girl's Girl's Girl's." Plus they move around outside in the open around other people. Majority of K-Pop videos are in a box or setting with rarely any other people besides some back-up dancers if that. This MV was awesome! Just the plot was a little weird, and this particular plot of the band members hitting on the same chick I've seen abused since "Replay."

With that said the MV has some really funny and good moments. Like the opening when they flop on the couch and check out the girls butt (yeah Got7, I'm on to you.) Parts at the grocery store and towards the end. The MV is really entertaining and sort of humorous to watch. I do like it more than their debut song. I do like GsGsGs's choreography more, however this dance goes with the song and flows with it good.

So overall Got7 returns with a fantastic song and a done-over MV that still has some great moments.

I give the song 5/5 and the MV a 4/5. It has some good moments but is also balanced out by some straight up awkward moments. 


  1. I love the song even though Mark got like two lines, that was that signature JYP English.

    1. Your actually right about that. It's a good thing he got a lot of screen time :/