Saturday, June 28, 2014

I Found This Allkpop Survey On Kpopalypse's Blog and Thought it was Interesting So I'm Going to Do it Too (AKA I'm Bored.)

Just enjoy the cute picture of Jimin. He's not smiling because he's bored off of his ass. Let's see if I can un-bore him while also un-boring myself.

I'm bored and I like Kpop survey's so let's get this started.

1. Who was your first boy group? Super Junior. 

2. Who was your first girl group? Brown Eyed Girls.

3.  First song? "Abracadabra"

4. Favorite girl group? F(x).

5.  Favorite boy group? SHINee.

6. Favorite song? Tie between SHINee's "Sherlock" and F(x)'s "Electric Shock." True both are very different songs, "Sherlock" touches on the 80's while F(x)'s is a more modern early 2000's (isn) electro-pop. However both songs are amazing, solid, and addictive songs. 

7. First OTP? I think JongKey.

8. Favorite OTP? JongKey.

9.  Kara or SNSD? SNSD. However Kara is definitely decent.

10. EXO or BAP? I like them both pretty equal. 

11.  Super Junior or Big Bang? Big Bang.

12. Bias from a girl group? Amber from F(x) because she appears rather cool and I find her quite pretty when SM doesn't try to make her look like SHINee's sixth member. Also because majority of F(x)'s male fans hate her. 

13. Bias from a boy group? SHINee's Key because he's fucking awesome.

14. Favorite SNSD song? "Visual Dreams." 

15. Favorite Nu'Est song? Not all too familiar but I think majority of their songs are nice.

16.  Favorite B.A.P song? Can't even decide, I like damn near all their works. However I recently listened to the "One Shot" album so I'll pick "Coma" as of now.

17. Dorkiest Idol? Jimin from Bangtan and Amber from F(x). Jimin is dorky to me in the cute innocent nerdy type and Amber just seems like a good jokester. Both make me laugh.

18. Most underrated group? F(x) because when you look at it, SM gives them and SHINee the best music however most people gravitate towards EXO and SNSD. It's all marketing though so I'm not too upset over it. Cao ni ma.

19. Most mature idol? I'll give this one to CL. She seems like the "mature" type. Or Lee Hyori.

20. Best rapper? I cannot give you the best because I do not know the best, so my favorites are Jucy and J.Da from for females and I Yongguk and Suga for males.

21. Best vocalist? My favorite vocalist are Jonghyun for males and Luna for females.

22. Best leader? I'll say Chorong from Apink because she has to carry a group where Eunji and Naeun are blown up and people thinking she's the maknae. Plus she's like 24 being thrusted aegyo concepts that I can actually bare with songs and MVs that I like. Which I tilt my hat to.

23. Best maknae? Rap Monster. I know he's the leader in Bangtan however in the original line-up he was the maknae (plus he's still technically one of the "younger" members.) Anyone that goes from the bottom of the respect and authority line all the way to the top in a matter of moments (because apparently that's the amount of time it took a lot of the old members to leave) and make it work and look believable above all is impressive to me. 

24. Weidest idol? D.O. aka Do Kyungsoo from EXO. My opinion.

25. Favorite variety show? Weekly Idol I guess.

26. Block B or B.A.P? B.A.P. However I still love Block B.

27. Zico or Bang Yongguk? Yongguk because he's my bias.

28. Banghim or Kaisoo? Kaisoo.

29. Banglo or Taoris? Kris is no longer in EXO so this question is invalid.

30. Daejae or Hunhan? Daejae.

31. Least favorite idol from a girl group? You're kidding right?

32. Least favorite idol from a boy group? You're kidding right?

33. Favorite indie group? *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

34. Least favorite boy group? *zzzzzzzzzzzzzz*

35. Least favorite girl group? *zzzzzzzzzzzz*

36.  Why do you like K-pop? *wakes up* That was a good nap! Anyway I like K-pop #1, music. #2. Language. #3. Diversity in groups. Not race but with styles of music. #4. The way it is executed. #5. Everyone is hot. Note the four before this counts way more important than #5 however it had to be said.

Let's see if I un-bored Jimin:

Oh well I tried. Sweet dreams. I'm going to bed.

What the fuck did I just write????

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