Sunday, June 22, 2014

Design Updates As of June/July 2014 + Announcements

Need some Xiumin after all of this rebuilding.

I finally did some updates around the site. Plus some announcements for Cha_Cha and Lee_Micha.
Okay as you can see the blog is a bit more "sexier." I added an actual banner instead of keeping the barf-green with neon pink crap it had before. The blog archive looks a bit smaller but it was too big to begin with so that's fixed. I want to make to font bigger but that is something that will have to wait for a bit. 

I also updated to blogger description from "By Suho_ftw" to us contributors names. Reason why is because I'm not the only one running the show anymore. I have two other supporters and I thank you guys for that.

The Suho picture on the side remains the same because it's perfect. But keep in mind the banner is not. To keep things fair Cha_Cha and Lee_MiCha I will be updating the banner every few months to a bias of theres. So in October the banner will be update to a bias of Cha_Cha's and then in January or February it will be updated to a bias of Lee_MiCha's. So you two need to let me know before-hand or else I will snoop around your other blogs and decide a bias for you. I've also updated some of the "About" pages so you can revisit those if you want.

Congratulations we officially have some more followers so that's good! It's a good thing they didn't join last year because this blog looked like complete and total road kill. They would have barfed at the design and probably thought I was color blind or something. 

I'm also going in and editing some colors and making it more violet/purple themes with some splashes of green to accent and other boring stuff. Deciding stuff like font and colors is boring and time consuming however it is necessary. I don't go in and re-edit I literally scraped everything from the previous lay-out and built from the bottom.

Also in celebration of the blog looking more like a blog and less like K-Pop barf, I will be doing something overdue since about January: my male k-pop bias list. Expect that later on today or early tomorrow. 

Okay that's all for now! Thank you for everything :)


  1. Okay! Fixed the font size so now you don't need a magnifying glass to read, fix the title font so it's not plain Arial, and I added some color (I used blue to compliment purple.) The blog design is finished now I can get started of the bias list!

  2. Wow! It looks great :) You can use anyone from my bias list for me. It doesn't matter.