Monday, June 30, 2014

Dear netizens, you lose.

As always, news about our favorite idols spread like wildfire across the glob. This current event is no exception. It was a hectic time when news came to light o June 30th about Park Bom's incident that took place 4 years ago involving her attempt to "smuggle" illegal drugs to Korea.

Oh yeah, we expected nothing less of our beloved bloodsucking knetizens to go about their secret agent investigations on further finding out the truth and what they could possibly use to destroy another kpop idols life. 

Its bad enough that YG found Park Bom crying through the night after she began seeing articles pop up online about her being a drug addict.

Don't cry baby! ~~~~~

But whats even more heartbreaking is the fact that YG had no choice but to release a personal letter detailing the reason behind Bom's use of this drug, which happens to be a time in Bom's past that she would have liked to forget about altogether. 

Back when Park Bom attended school in the U.S., she had dreams of becoming a soccer player instead of a singer. However, during this time, she unfortunately had to watch a friend of hers die during a game, sending her into depression. She no longer wanted to be a soccer player because of the pain and memories. So, she then decided to be a singer.

Taking care to not let the depression consume her, she received prescribed medication from a university hospital in the U.S.

When Park Bom secured her position in YG, she was unhappy with the effects of the medications in Korea, so went to have her US prescribed medications shipped to her. The medication she was taking in the U.S. was prohibited in Korea because they were consisting of narcotics, which she was unaware of. 

After the medications were held at customs under suspicion, Bom's parents were investigated and YG had found out through them. Now, because Bom had a legitimate prescription, charges were not pressed against her and no one was arrested. She went on to take new medication at a university hospital in S.K. and the case was then wrapped up thereafter. 

Now, the situation has been brought back into the media, surprisingly for disgraceful reasons by the media to cover up what people are assuming was the government trying to throw her under the bus to cover up their mistake concerning the Sewol ferry incident back in April. 


I really don't know what to say about the media at this moment, only that I am utterly disgusted. 

YG decided to release a personal letter to the public explaining the situation, even if it meant bringing Bom's painful past into the open.

And yet, people are taking this to levels beyond for their own entertainment.

Now an article has been released by prosecutors that Bom was indeed innocent and the case had been dismissed because she provided proper documents for her prescription. Therefore, putting the knetizens in their place and giving Park Bom piece of mind. I mean, what more proof do you want other than a prosecutor confirming someones innocent?

So, I hope these people can read and understand logic, because after this, they lose!

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