Friday, June 13, 2014

BTS's 1st Anniversary Pics

So as we all know BTS is celebrating their first anniversary and they graced Facebook with some very interesting pics. Let's take a look!

First pic: Normal Enough. (It get's weirder, trust me.)

Second Pic: Daaawwwww look at them all cheesy and smiling! (It gets weirder.)

Third pic: Swag. (Weird O' Meter: 0.1)

Fourth pic: Jin and Jungkook look for the rising sun that is blocked by Jimin's head + swag. (Weird O' Meter: 0.1.)

Fifth pic: I dunno wtf Jin is doing. J-Hope is J-Hope (cutie.) Jimin is pushing J-Hope and Suga down making him tall for once. Suga is… Signaling someone the "Okay" to someone who won't stfu. Rap Monster is scared and silently judging. Jungkook is wondering why a king was put in a group full of peasants while killing Suho-ftw as she faps. V has joined a twerk team and is not afraid to show it to the world. You go V! (Weird O' Meter: 100.)

Sixth pic: Jungkook is Jungkook. V is V. Jimin is Jimin. Rap Monster is Rap Monster. J-Hope is J-Nope. Suga is hot. Jin is cute. (Weird O' Meter: N/A.)

Seventh pic: This can only be quotable.

Jungkook: Get your fucking foot off of me.

Jin: No.

V: I have two V's. 

Suga: ?_? (I have absolutely no words.)

Jimin: Wassup. 

Rap Monster: I'm Dance Monster ya' see?

J-Hope: I'm your Hope! So is my crotch.

Weird O' Meter: 105

Eighth pic: Jin is posing sweetly as Suga prepares to flick on the head for insert reason here J-Hope is about to shoot Suga in the head for about to flick Jin in the head, Rap Monster is trying to convince J-Hope to not shoot Suga. Jimin is ganging up on Rap Monster for insert reason here and V is phoning E.T. Jungkook is celebrating V's ass #LikeAKing.

Final pic: Jin and Suga are doing the lean back and Rap Monster has said a big fuck you to shoes. V, Jungkook, and Jimin are open for buisness and J-Hope has come open with his Timerlands fetish. (Weirdo O' Meter: Fuck It.)

Typical BTS. Happy Anniversary guys <3.

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