Monday, June 23, 2014

BTS "No More Dream" Japanese Ver.

This is late however whenever a group translates their stuff into Japanese I'm always conflicted because it can go either way with a song. Some songs translate good from different languages, like 2ne1's "Scream." Others, not so great like SNSD's "Mr. Taxi." BTS falls in the middle.

"Bad news" first as always. I'm not sure how I feel about the song. The original version is excellent and one of the best debut songs ever, but translated into Japanese, it just sounds weird  I busted out laughing in the first part. During Rap Monster and Jungkook's parts, I found myself chuckling. The parts that sound good would be Suga and J-Hope's parts, actually anything second-verses and down sounds pretty decent. However my main problem with the song is that it sounds as if their using a cheap mic to sing in. Like a lap-top mic or something, I can't describe it however it all just sounds so wrong. The songs not terrible by any stretch but I prefer the Korean one by a giant leap. 

While I'm less fond of the song, I love this video. I love it more than the Korean video. They move around more, and do more stuff in this version. Plus the styling is better. The setting is cooler, the classrooms are done really well. Plus there's a bit more symbolism in it and also clearer parts that you didn't see in the Korean version. This music video is pretty awesome. I also like the addition of Namjoon setting off the sprinklers towards the end because wet Bangtan is good. Overall great MV.

So I give the song 2.5/5 Taggers and I give the a MV 5/5.
Everyone looks good so 7/5 dicks.

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  1. Love the video. Not sure about the song though. Korean version kicked ass though.