Monday, June 16, 2014

Apink "Crystal" Review

*Kuristar ahem*

You guy's heard my love for "Mr. Chu" so now lets find out if they can impress me even more with "Crystal."

Now if I thought "Mr. Chu" was 1000x's better than "NoNoNo" then "Crystal" is 2000x's than "NoNoNo."  "Mr. Chu" was a cute song with some R&B influences thrown in there. An overall great song. However "Crystal" has a light and airy, semi-spring feel with a gorgeous melody that I absolutely love. It's not overly production heavy and that plays to their strengths seeing as they all have sweet sounding voices with the exception of Eunji's stronger voice. It's a very pretty sounding song. Apink actually have a lot of older songs that I like. Why they got noticed and hyped when "NoNoNo" came out, I'll never know. Although I have shit music taste so go figure. 5/5 for the song.

The MV is very cute and that's about it. It was said in the description that this was Apink's "Gift to fans" as a sort of "thank you for supporting us." Whenever groups give out little thank you vids they're usually very cutesy which isn't a bad thing and usually fits the song. 

There are no dicks to rank this MV off of. Invalid.

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