Friday, June 6, 2014

3 Sentence Reviews: "Gotta Be You", "I Like It", "My Old Story", "Obsession" and "Where Are You?"

Yay! More 3 Sentence Reviews! A lot came out lately so I'm going to be giving my little 3 sentence reviews of them. Give or take a few.

1st Review: 2ne1- "Gotta Be You"

At first I didn't like the use of electronic harmonica's, but after listening to it a few times it's pretty decent. Not my favorite on the album however the music video is great and it does have some really enjoyable parts. 4/5.

2nd Review: BTS - "I Like It" (Slow Jam Remix)

"I like It" was one of my favorite songs off of their previous albums. This slow jam remix doesn't disappoint what so ever. Sounds very sexy and the instrumental is very interesting to me. There is no MV which is fucking depressing however I like this remix. 4.5/5.

3rd Review: IU - "My Old Story"

IU returns with a slower song and it's actually quite touching. It's not the best on her new album but not a bad choice, sounds like olden French music with the accordions thrown in there. I find this track to be very flawy and pretty, like something you'd hear in a romantic Disney flick. 5/5.

4th Review: Boyfriend - "Obsession"

Fuck yes this is fucking perfection! This is an excellent track. The music video reminds a bit of VIXX's "Voodoo Doll" and the song is kind of like B.A.P and BtoB mixed together. The MV is a little confusing especially when the chick blows up and then reappears, however the glow up chairs and the awkward shaped library are cool looking. 5/5.

Final Review: B.A.P - "Where Are You?"

B.A.P return with their "Coffee Shop" style a year after "Coffee Shop" came about. I like the song a lot. The harmonica is soothing and the acoustic guitar and other instruments make it very relaxing for a cute walk in the park. Speaking of cute, B.A.P. are some of the cutest motherfuckers ever in this MV. Yes Yongguk is cute, Himchan is really cute too. Fuck it all of them are cute without shoving a shit load of aegyo in your face. The cinematography is beautiful like in "Coffee Shop" and suits the music perfectly. All the members look gorgeous and the countries they're shooting in are pretty to look at. 5/5.

List of Faves:
1. Obsession
2. Where Are You
3. My Old Story
4. I Like It
5. Gotta Be You

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  1. Wow Boyfriend really did a spin-around from "UR NOT A BAT-GIRL!" lol. Obsession is great :)