Friday, May 2, 2014

Tru K-Pop YouTube Comments #6 - The True Meaning Behind EXO's "Overdose"

This comment comes from Victoria Colon under an EXO "Overdose" lyric video:

100% true. Like legit possibility.

Think About It.

International fans want EXO, but our chances of majority of us seeing EXO like their Korean fans are slim-to-none.

Korean fans have EXO and can see them damn near everyday without the struggles of international fans however, they are still celebrities and are still slightly slim chances of fans seeing them

Sasaeng fans hurt EXO… Or any idol for that matter. They stalk, invade their privacy, and bash anyone that dares "threaten" their "chances" with their "oppa's." Thus making their already difficult lives as idols even more stressful.

However, international, Korean, or sasaeng, we have all hit the point of overdose. An addiction, a sickness, a control, a love. One of the greatest you will always have is the love a fan has for their idol. 

The whole bridge/rap is written in and out from the point of an idol vs. fan. But I'll save this for when the MV comes out. Until then, Pray for South Korea.

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