Thursday, May 29, 2014

This Scared Me Slightly

Found on tumblr about three weeks ago. His face looked so scared that I just rolled past it because he looks scared out of his mind. Like he was hurting or the girl was feeling him in the wrong place. I'm not the only one who noticed. 

He looks like he's in a horror film or some shit. Some people will argue that idols have no rights but I say fuck that, I'd feel like him too if someone lifted up my shirt without my permission. And not just because I have boobs. 

I'm one of the those weird people that don't really want to see Jimin's abs (although those are nice.) I'd rather hear his high note in "No More Dream." He has a very nice voice… just above a whisper. Or his dancing because he's a good dancer. Or his really cute face.

Here are some Jimin pics of him not looking like a violated puppy:

Soruce: bangtan via tumblr.

Source: bangtan via tumblr.

Source: bangtan via tumblr.

So cute <3 


  1. You pulled a "white-coater"! You wanted an excuse to post Jimin pics but at the same time is generally concerned about the invasion of privacy in the beginning.

    1. Maybe. I dunno, it wouldn't be my first Jimin appreciation post lol.