Monday, May 19, 2014

Suho_Ftw's Favorite Midterm Songs of 2014

If non-title tracks were allowed then they would be for sure though. *cough cough* Soul and Baby I Miss You were gold *cough cough.*

Hey guy's! You'll notice I'm dominating the post now, I told cha_cha to take a few days off because she had been doing majority of the post because I've been busy. 

It's now going mid-May which means soon the year will be half up and today I'm going to be listing my favorite K-Pop songs of this half year. Since I'm trying to limit my cheating (which is hard because I like majority of the releases of 2014) so I'm limiting myself to 1 non-title track.

Remember this is all in my opinion.

10. B.A.P - "Bang x2"

You may or may not know it, but I'm actually a big fan of rock and heavy metal. So when this song popped up on B.A.P's already great album, it was instantly a favorite. "1004" is still decent of course but still far from the best on the album. B.A.P have diversity and I like how they're not afraid to experiment with different sounds. "Bang x2" has that hardcore rock, and who in the hell knew BYG could sing? I love the electric guitars and drums use in this. I even love Bang Zelo's rap over the guitar breakdown. Overall a very well done track from start to finish.

9. Kiss&Cry - "Domino Game"

Funny how I'm talking about Kiss&Cry after B.A.P. Why? Because B.A.P were rookies that made an impression in 2012 and Kiss&Cry made a big impression on me here in 2014. Not only is this song a great song with horns, guitars (that remind me of AS's "Heaven") and cool sounding beats, but the girls have confidence similar to that of B.A.P. Their voices suit the instrumental and I like how instead of a dub step or trap breakdown, they kept it simple with a breakdown of the instruments already present. 

8. AOA - "Miniskirt"

AOA's one of the girl groups that are trying the sexy concept this year. While some scenes are a big NO in my book the song and choreography (majority of it) are actually good and interesting. The song is smooth and addictive and I like how they kept the song short as well.

7. MIB - "Chisa Bounce"

This song is just one of those anthems you don't expect yourself to like but you wind up loving anyway. This track screams club banger, which I love. It actually sounds like something they'd play on Kiss F.M. I liked their song from last year, "Men in Black" and this is actually better. The music video has the randomness of Block B. And I find myself singing "Chi-sa bounce!" often. 

6. Ga-In - "Fxxk U"

I liked both songs Gain release this year, however I liked "Fxxk U" a little bit more. The guitar is so strange to me, and the drumbeat over it makes it sort of a jazzy. It's very experimental sounding to me. Gain's breathy-vocals compliment the song wonderfully and not to mention that the music video is amazing.

5. Block B - "Jackpot"

I love this song a lot. It has a hunky-dory feel to it that switches up between some old jazz fun in the chorus. But it all sounds modern in some way. Block B always manages to rise high on my list for their consistent discography. There are no real filler members in Block B and they all pull their weight which is a good thing for a K-Pop group.

4. Girl's Day - "Something"

I've raved about this song earlier in the year when it first came out. This song has a 90's R&B vibe which I love (and now that I think of it, the next three songs on the list all have a 90's-early 2000's vibe to them O_O.) Fuck the people who claim that this song lacks a decent drum/base line. The song is perfect from start to finish with nice falsettos and cool sounding vocals. The piano corporation is pretty sounding and the music video is classy and nicely well done and their outfits are to die for. Sojin, I love you.

3. BTS - "Just One Day"

Cha_Cha and I are both fetishing over this song. And for good reason. The song is chopped full of beautiful melodies and perfect timing for every fucking thing. The beat in the beginning where member Suga is rapping reminds of a Biggie Smalls song (don't know which one) and the rest kind of just screams 90's-early 2000's. It's so fluid and flawy and if it weren't for the other two songs next, it would be #1. I also like the hidden message of the lyrics. Everyone knows idols are banned from dating public (especially rookies.) Yet BTS said fuck that shit and wrote about the taboo topic anyway. (Suga, J-Hope, and Rap Monster wrote the lyrics.) 

2. High4, IU - "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms"

Remember what I said about this 90's R&B theme being a big thing for me this year? When I first listened this, it was an instant eargasm. I loved IU's "Modern Times" album and when I heard of this collab I didn't really know what to expect. But this in no way, shape, or form disappoints me. The music video is very nicely done as well with some cute scenes and lovely lyrics that I can relate too 100%. Everybody at my school insist on making out in front of my locker, not shitting. And this song makes me happy with pretty melodies, a great baseline, good vocals and yes, I even like the rap part.

1. MBLAQ - "Be a Man"

It's rare that MBLAQ release a song that I don't love. However this song, I really freaking love. It reminds me of Ne Yo's music with again, the smooth R&B sound of it and the acoustic guitar playing throughout the song. I also live the soft vocals used throughout and the Justin Timberlake "AHH HA" in the chorus, and the high note near the end. But nobody overdose it and it overall stays very grand while also being simplistic. Lastly is  my bias Joon not sexy as hell in that suit?

So that's my list for now. It will be overly hard to beat the last 4 but with F(x) coming back in a month or two who knows? What are your favorites so far this year?

Who knows maybe some songs that didn't make it will by the end of the year?


  1. Honorable Mentions: #1. BTOB- "Beep Beep" (htf did I 4 get that?) #2. OC's "Catallena" #3. 2ne1 "Baby I Miss You" and #5. SNSD's "Soul."

  2. Anything BTS, OC, Hyosung, Jiyeon, EXO and GsD had some of the best songs this year for me. BAP too.