Saturday, May 17, 2014

Netizen's Are Bullies and Hypocrites

I had no idea Netizen Buzz even existed until yesterday when cha_cha posted about how the netizens were bashing Hyosung. Failed curiosity, I checked it out and saw some news on Jiyeon's solo and the new teasers being released.

As my favorite member of T-ara, I've been patiently anticipating this debut. However all the netizens seemed to be concerned about was the fact the teaser and MV has a sexy concept. Or the fact that Jiyeon can't sing like Ailee, and called her a slut, and or gross.

The thing about Netizen Buzz that I've noticed is that while the actual Netizens are dumb as hell, the commenters seem to go against them. Take this one for instance:

And they're totally right. (I'm talking first half of the comment the rest I don't really get.) 

I find it hilarious that netizens are comparing her to Ailee. Fucking Ailee! First off, anybody having a voice like Ailee is rare. Especially in K-Pop and especially in T-ara. I personally rank Jiyeon third in vocals after Soyeon and Eunjung. I like her voice a lot actually.

Netizen's hate it whenever somebody from a group is bullied (especially when it comes to girl groups. Boys get called out while girls get all the love. Example 1: Kris.) But meanwhile, whenever a female idol goes into a sexier concept, they all become bullies. Slut-shaming, vocal hating, and being overall gross, nasty and sexist. It's just very hypocritical and netizens should learn that you can dislike something without  making a complete asshole of yourself. 

People like this sicken me because, I was bullied a lot in school therefore I hate bullying, and to see them get upset over someone being bullied, at the same time bash and be disgusting to female idols for wanting to go a more mature rout just makes me loose hope in some people. 

Oh well, Jiyeon's still going to make her solo debut so they can boo-hoo all they want. We Jiyeon fans should not be disappointed at all.

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