Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[MV Review] JiYeon - "Never Ever" [1Min 1 Sec]

My favorite member of T-ara decided to troll me and put out her solo video right after I do my top 10 midterm favorite releases of 2014. So yeah as you can guess, I really loved it.

As I stated before, I knew this would be up their with my favorite songs of the year from her teaser. The song is following the 90's smooth R&B vibe that most of K-Pop have been going for this year (Like "Something""Beep Beep""Just One Day" "Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms") Which, I personally have been loving.

I can understand why some would think it was lack-luster or boring. However for me, I think it was a perfect debut song and it's simplicity is one of the charms of this song. Jiyeon's vocals compliment it, and the more I think of it, the more this song reminds me of one of my favorite solo-artist and favorite member of Brown Eyed Girl's, Gain's work. Dark, with breathy and whispy vocals with a great track behind it and a dark and symbolic music video to shoot it into awesomeness. I find myself chanting this song frequently, and although I can't do [falsetto?] like Jiyeon, I still do it anyway. I think it's important to point out that I can't stop replaying it.

While Gain deals with more dark and uncomfortable subjects with music videos where zero fucks are given (one of the reasons why I love Gain.) Jiyeon's story is nothing new, but it's the way that story is executed is what makes me love it. The music video match's the lyrics and is very pretty and artsy, and here's my interpretation of it.

Jiyeon is going through the Yin and Yang of love and life. However she finds herself unable to be with the man she wants to be because of past trauma's. So in order for her to get over the trauma's of her past, she has set herself up a schedule to prevent any dismay's from happening. She wakes up, cut's cucumber, waters plants, knits and repeats for the days on coming, mean while in her head she's madly in love with a person. Who doesn't exist.

The yin is the reality, which slowly starts to drive her insane sense she's living in a fantasy world of her own. She can't accept the fact of this, so therefore any reference to real world outside of her head drives her crazy.

The yang is ignorance, and ignorance is bliss. She enjoys this world, and enjoys thinking of this person that she believes is in love. 

The vision of reality comes to her in a dream, and the experience is so frightening that it soon becomes a nightmare for her. Then you soon see the world that she was living in become erased as if everything was drawn on by paper, and then you see everything get redrawn. Only to then get visited by Yin again (reality) up close and personal and then faced in an all white room. With Jiyeon crying out for the help of reality, but wanting the life of her head back.

The dancing was great too. Not much to say but I loved it.

Overall a master of a debut. I give the song 5/5 and the MV a 5/5 as well.

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