Friday, May 23, 2014

KISS&CRY Are Really Pretty to Me...

I've raved about Kiss&Cry's debut in my current 2014 favorites a few days ago. I love when K-Pop mixes Latin or Jazz into their songs, and "Domino Game" is a great song that showcases latin inspiration in a pop song imo.

However, I've also noticed that Kiss&Cry are extremely attractive to me. I know for a fact I'm in the minority with this.
What I like about Kiss&Cry is their distinctive faces. In groups like SNSD you have like three or four members that could be triplets/quadruplets. However they're all pretty. This is probably why I find groups like F(x), 2NE1, and even Girl's Day, who's considered the most attractive group by many male fans, to be really attractive. No two girls look alike in any of these groups, therefore they are all attractive because there is no such thing as an ugly idol in my opinion.

Not only are Kiss&Cry attractive, a girl groups attractiveness is honestly a bonus. Good music is what comes first for me. "Domino Game" is a kick ass song, and not only that, but the girls have the insane confidence that B.A.P graced us with two years ago. They are fierce, graceful, and not only that but they can carry songs, and actually have strong voices and actually have a cool looking dance. They are rookies that are actually interesting, Kiss&Cry and Got7 have that intriguing factor about them that make you want more of them.

Bohye, wow!

Haena, love her hair here.

A couple of people call Dia the "Condor" because of her nose. She's my bias, and I think she looks like a pre-surgery girl version of Tao sometimes. That's not an unpopular opinion. 

Yumi. She reminds me of an anime character from "Wake Up Girls!" come to life. Yes, that's a good thing.

Yeah I honestly don't see the point in shitting on any of these girls just because none of them look like SNSD members (and SNSD members are pretty, I'm not saying they aren't. You guy's know I love Taeyeon.) It's just refreshing to see a fresh kind of beauty, if you get what I'm saying.

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  1. Haven't picked a bias yet, but "Domino Game" is a great song.