Friday, May 16, 2014

Hyosung and BTS Are Awesome

Hyosung and BTS are slaying everyone this year.

Hyosung made her solo debut a few days ago, and I've been off-line for a bit but I'm back bitches! And I'm hear to do another mini-review.

To start off the song was produced by Double-Sidekick. A good producer in the respect that he get's our bizarre liking of songs down packed without them being too hard to digest.

Secondly, Hyosung is my favorite member of SECRET not to mention SECRET's is from TS Ent. So extra hype there because not only do they hold SECRET, but also the wonderful B.A.P.

Have to admit, the whole Hyosung-going-solo thing caught me way off guard. I didn't really hear anything leading up to Hyosung's solo, so when I saw the post on AKF I was shocked and was just a little exited. 

Ummm to start off, this song is fucking amazing. At first I wasn't sure, but after a second play I was sure I was in love with it. The song has this 90's groove theme (best way I can describe) that K-Pop has been going for lately which I'm totally okay for. That then goes into a trap/dubstep/80's breakdown after the chorus, that I was sure if I liked at first. But the transition between it is actually quite nice. Overall a very nice debut song by Miss Hyosung.

The video is sexy, but her outfits stay pretty friendly, with the "biggest offender" being the white outfit she's [twerking?] in the trap/dubstep/80's breakdown. (Tbh that part looked a little forced and was kind of meh.) However she's even in full blown elegant gowns to short-shorts. Even a sultry black dress in some parts. Also you get to see her dancing skills a whole lot more. Not to mention THERE'S A STORY LINE!!!

I give the song 5/5 Sidekicks.
The video gets 4/5 Sexies.
As for dicks, sense you never really see the dudes face it gets 0.5/5 dicks.

Onto BTS

They're releasing their new repackaged mini-album with a new title track "Miss Right." No video to be released, just a single and a bonus tracks and instrumentals on the repackage. I don't love it as much as "Just One Day" (Fave song at the moment.) or "Tomorrow" but it's good. Very light and fluffy like something you'd play while having fun at the beach.

I give this song a solid 4/5 Love Affairs
Since BTS is like, the second most attractive boy group imo it gets 7/5 dicks.

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