Friday, May 16, 2014

Hyosung and BTS Are Apparently Slutty to Korean Netizens

Yeah, apparently Hyosung who's release was far classier than anything Hyuna, whom everyone loves, has ever put out is being called a slut. 

I know Jimin…I know.

That and BTS are the only male idols who lift up their shirts, therefore making them disgusting little sluts and whores as well:

Yeah the first one was taken off of Netizen Buzz, a website I never really go on because they practically bash everyone. The second one comes from Unpopular K-Pop Opinions. Another website I rarely go on, one reason is because the name should be called Opinions From People Who Don't Know WTF They're Talking About and Really Popular and Trendy Opinions. No offense to the person who runs it, because they claim none of the opinions are there's. 

Yeah, stop calling people sluts please, it's stupid.

You know you like it.


  1. Goodnight Kiss is definitely my jam!

  2. Haters can't be mad because BTS got jams. Haters going to hate. Thank you for taking time out of your miserable life to think about them

  3. Everyone is always going to have haters, it comes with the territory of being yourself. And what the hell do they mean, "They have nothing to show off." I see a WHOLE LOT! :)

  4. wtf hater duh, kys