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EXO "Overdose" Review

NOTE: I saw this late tonight, I'm tired but I'm doing it anyway. Please excuse any vagueness.

Here's the Korean version:

And the Mandarine-Chinese version:

Okay so to start off, this is probably my favorite EXO release… Ever. I like just as much, if not more than "Wolf." And that's saying a lot because I like all of their title tracks. EXO and B.A.P have always been those equal-to groups. I can't pick one over the other. 

What I love about the song would have to be the verses and the chorus the most. I love how they mix in hip-hop, R&B, and Trap. Usually I fucking hate trap, but I find that bands like B.A.P, BTS, EXO, and 2NE1 make Trap beats bearable. So they'll always have a special place in my heart.

The only part that I only come close to disliking is the rap part, and that's mostly because it came out of fucking nowhere. I'll give it some points for Sehun's "E-X-O" seeing as that technically can be used as a transition as the rap, but it still caught me off guard. Also, I don't like how they dropped and switched the beat during, however, this motherfucker of a rap is growing on me like the plague. Who knows it could wind up being fucking #3 on my end of the year music favorites (#2 is RESERVED for "Just One Day" by BTS. #1 will go to IDK.) 

As for the music video, the beginning is bizarre but it's pretty obvious they're lost in a maze. There is probably some references to EXO mythology in there too, but I can't make them out just yet (leave all that to Suho_ftw.) We know SM just fucking loves to throw their artist in a big box set, however I find that instead of pulling a Super Junior and just giving them a room that looks like a box, it appears as if they actually took a giant ass metal box. Decorated in EXO logo exploitation couture, put some non-epiliptic friendly lights (seriously I nearly had a seizure watching the Chinese version, and not just because everyone looks good.) Then took EXO, dropped them into the box along with the camera crew, closed the box and then left them in it for 24hours to film. It's not a room pretending to be a box set, it looks like a literal box. Which is pretty fucking cool but kind of boring.

But did EXO make it work?

Of course, everyone knows that EXO can dance, and the shooting for this was actually very cool. It seemed like a combination of "Growl", "MAMA", and "Wolf"'s camera all rolled into one. Making a pretty cool shoot camera wise. The BOX box shots are fluid and cool looking, while the more ball-room looking set is shot more traditional, but still has some cool shots. +1,000,000 for the crotch shots of Suho and Xiumin in the beginning. It was to come sooner or later. And +100,000 for the Kris dance solo after Xiumin's crotch shot, because let's just face it, it might be the only Kris solo we get. -100 for the return of WomanHan near the end of the Chinese version and -1,000 for the fugly fisher hats but +1,000 for snapbacks. I like snapbacks.

As for parts of the song, I'm surprised no one get's shafted. Everyone get's a pretty decent amount of lines, with Baekhyun and D.O. getting the main verses in the Korean version and Luhan and Chen getting the main verses in the Chinese version. SuLay get the transition to the transition of the chorus, Luhan and D.O. getting the transition to the chorus, everyone + a rapper during the chorus. SuLay get the bridges with the main vocalist doing their higher notes, and then the rappers (Kai, Chanyeol, Sehun, Xiumin, and Tao) get their time to shine. This is probably one of the greatest line distributions SM has ever given out.

For the style, they went for a 90's baggy clothing hip-hop look. I honesty like it, even though it appears some members were shafted a bit, however Luhan's pony is slightly growing on me.  The fisher hats are not. +250 for the timberlands. All the members look great and have their equally UNF moments so I'll just give who looked best in which setting.


  • Luhan (Slays in the parts without eyeliner)
  • Tao (Unf)
  • Kris (Unf)
  • Lay (Best with black hair)
  • Chen (Always hot)
  • Chanyeol (It's fucking Chanyeol)
  • Xiumin (The Perfect One)
  • Sehun (Yas)
  • Baekhyun (Barely got any screen time, but the time he gets is hawt.)

Le Box Box:

  • D.O. (Unf unf unf)
  • Suho (Hell yes)
  • Kai (It's fucking Kai)
  • Chen (Styled correctly)
  • Xiumin (The Perfect One)
  • Lay (Get's many parts which causes close ups)
  • Kris (Dance break plus UNF)
  • Sehun (Dance)

Ball Room:

  • Kai (It's fucking Kai)
  • Tao (Martial arts is hot)
  • Suho (Blonde hair is good)
  • Luhan (Slays)
  • Xiumin (The Perfect One)
  • D.O. (Did you SEE him???)
  • Baekhyun (Looks amazing with black hair and that fugly hat off)
  • Chanyeol (It's fucking Chanyeol)
  • Kris (Kris is amazing in a suit)
  • Sehun ( I approve)

Tally them up:
Luhan - +2 (Slays when he's not made up to look real girly)
Xiumin - +3 (Xiumin is fucking Perfect.)
Kris - +3 (Kris really shines)
Suho - +2 (Approves)
Lay - +2 (Nice. Really nice.)
Baekhyun - +2 (Barely got any screen time in the maze and was shafted with the fisher hate in the box box. However he fucking slays along with Luhan in the Ball Room)
Chen - +2 (Always approves)
Chanyeol - +2 (Shines)
D.O. - +2
Tao - +3 (Gets an extra point for the cheek-pokey thing with Kai)
Kai - +3 (Get's an extra point for the cheek-pokey thing with Tao)
Sehun - +2 (Dancing is really superb)

If you're wondering 2/3 aint bad. 

A pretty dope song with a dope dance to go with it. Could have been a better music video but you take what you get from SM.

4.5/5 for the song (might be a 5/5 tbh) Not goon rate the video because the dance saves it.

As for dicks, I give this 12/5 dicks because like I said, every member has their UNF moments.

Fucking Lord Mark this is longer than expected. I'm going to bed. Wait a couple of days and you can view Suho_ftw's lyric analysis and video/song opinions. Cha_Cha out!

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