Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crayon Pop: #1 For Female Independence

I'm bringing the macros back.

Soyul's my favorite member. I discovered Crayon Pop back in the "Bar Bar Bar" era. I loved their 80's funk and creativity.  I liked Soyul for her voice, her adorableness, not to mention those pig tails are pimpin'! If Way is the resident gangster of Crayon Pop, then Soyul is most definitely the pimp because anyone with hair like that is a fucking pimp. Trust me, it takes one to know one.  I want that yellow suit, I've always enjoyed yellow on idols, hence my #1 female bias in K-Pop,Taeyeon.

But today, we're not discussing Taeyeon. We are discussing one of the best bands in K-pop, strictly for the fun nature of their songs and their ability to make you laugh, and why they are #1 for female independence for K-Pop in these modern times.
I'm not on AKF as much as I used to. I try to comment here or there, but the school year has been such a handful for me I barely have time to update GOK (hence why cha_cha has been doing majority of the work.) However she linked me this Kpopalypse article which you can view here. It talks about Crayon Pop being a punk group, and if you're getting your panties in a twist from that statement then you obviously didn't read the full article. 

Now of course there are many points in the article that I like, but one thing that Kpopalypse pointed out that I really liked was and made me think was this: 

"Crayon Pop are nothing if not an ideas group.  Whether it's the members themselves with the ideas or their management doesn't matter in the end, because the result is the same - you get to see a group do a fucking cool Bruce Lee concept in a genre where everyone else is either the cute girlfriend or the sexy girlfriend (not that there's anything wrong with those things, but viva la difference)."

And I'm not just liking that because "Dancing Queen 2.0" is one of my favorite songs by them. He's 100% right. Everyone in a K-Pop girl group at the moment is either a cute girlfriend, like A-Pink or a sexy girlfriend, like AOA. And I don't have anything against those groups or concepts, but when a group like Crayon Pop comes out with a Bruce Lee ass-kicking concept where an attachment to men is practically nonexistent, just girls having fun being badasses, sorry but that concept wins.

P.S. I love the leggins.

Why do you think that I like BTS so much? (I'm so sorry for drag gin more BTS into this blog because cha_cha's been stanning the hell outa them lately.)Sure a lot of groups have came out with hip-hop concepts (not B.A.P to say but the ones that came out sense then) but they all talk about the same stuff as the boy groups with no hip-hop concept: love, girlfriends ect. However BTS debuted with a song with a message that is actually unique and refreshing in K-Pop. Even if they look like the Korean version of dudes that hang around my corner XD.

I'm not saying that female independence can only be achieved with the nonexistence of men. Majority of funny and light-hearted fun concepts similar to Crayon Pop's and Orange Caramel's in K-Pop have boys in them. Majority of sexy concepts don't. AOA's mini-skirt had no men, neither did Girl's Day's "Something" and so on. And I actually like those music videos.

"Saturday Night":



All these videos have men in them, however men have nothing to do with the overall song or concept. They are simply there having fun along with the others. Which can also make these #1 for gender neutral interaction.

Crayon Pop make there presence known, without making overly girly or overly sexy songs. (Again not saying those are bad.) A person should be thankful for Crayon Pop's existence so they won't have to look at T&A or D&A all day. They can just enjoy the CP glory with their amazing songs. Crayon Pop don't need to resort to a sexier concept to get noticed, mostly because they're already really popular. And also, they are Crayon Pop, they are cool, unique, and creative and that's what makes them independent and stand out in the K-Pop world. So it back and enjoy what Crayon Pop is doing for you.

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