Thursday, May 15, 2014

Bye Bye Yifan...

You see all that UNF right there? Well that right there ladies and gentlemen, if you didn't already know is Kris Wu, AKA Wu Yifan, AKA awholebunchofothernames. Leader of EXO-M and an all around rapper for EXO. However it is now being determined that fellow member Kris has decided to file a law suit to terminate his contract with SM. Basically he wants to GTFO out of EXO and idol-life in general.

Now idol life is not the least bit glamourous. There is so much dirt on how inhumane the idols are treated, I don't need to link any at all. But for blogger's sake here's a short video on the subject.

Dear Kris,

You have been one of my ultimate favorite members of EXO sense "What is Love?" And while it is sad to see you go, I truly hope it's for the best. I support your decision with an extremely heavy heart.

Your Fan,

While I will surely miss Kris, the EXO members will miss him more. Apparently all of the members (minus Baekhyun) have unfollowed him on any existing social-networking website. However I found this on tumblr:

If this is true, then Kris won't be leaving EXO, but will just be asking for fair treatment. However, this is SM. This is unpredictable as fuck. #hopingforthebest.

This was on tumblr as well and I thought it was funny:

*Walks into EXO's Fandom*

Tragically funny. 

If the absolute worse happens and Kris DOES decide to leave then SM BETTER PUT FUCKING KIM MOONKYU IN THE GROUP!!!

Please SM. Do it. 

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