Friday, May 30, 2014

AKF Got a Shout Out on "Jjang" Interview

Even though I'm more of a silent reader, I still read AKF from time to time. It's a good blog, and today I found out that they got a mention on "Jjang" interview:

Relevant part is at 7:04. 

What I find interesting is that they aren't mentioned in a bad light or for hot K-Pop idol girls. They are mentioned under the light for idol equality.

He talks about how people in the idol fandoms like to point the finger to female groups who do sexy concepts like Stellar's video for "Marionette" and ect. But the boy groups get away with it. Which is what AKF is all about in a nutshell if you can get passed the fog of ignorance that will film the site when you read the first few articles. No offense AKF if you're reading this, I love you!

I used to be iffy about "Marionette" and then I remembered why I found it a little uncomfortable. I don't mind butt-dances in K-Pop because they are humorous and fun to do, however Marionette's Ass-Wipe Dance reminded me of… A bad experience that I'm not going to go into detail about. That's why I didn't too much care for it.

One thing people fail to realize about me is that I'm like EYK when it comes to sexy concepts. I don't mind the "Oooh You So Nasty!" concepts at all, I just appreciate the ones that can get the point across without so obviously trying to get me to fap. There is nothing wrong with people liking the more typical sexy route, because people find other stuff sexy. Just because I find Onew sexier than Jay Park (who I love as well) does not make me a complete shit of a person. 

One thing I have noticed, that I'm not going to bring up and I'll save for another post, is that when people talk about equal rights that hate on men and put women on the Oh Godly Pedestal. Which I disagree with, if you want gender equality then you have to be able to work side-by-side with the other gender in harmony therefore both men and women should be put on the same pedestal or no pedestal at all. Again this is for another blog post so I won't go into detail, but anticipate it please.

Anyway, congratulations on AKF's shout out and I wish you guys well!

ChoA from AOA is so gorgeous:

Chow down on some Choa <3

To balance this post out here's some J-Hope booty:

Yes, that booty gives me hope.

Source: gwangjuguy @ tumblr.

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  1. Just got on AKF like five-minutes ago to tune in for the new Kpopalypse article. However this is quite fucking awesome O_O. Please get on that Gender-Equality article!

    I'm giving zero fucks right now, a Horseok ass-appreciation post is going to be up by the time you wake up.