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You Are Beautiful and Sexy-Why Beauty Standards/Generalizations Are Kind Of Stupid

Yes I did change my name from suho_ftw to onewthesexgod. I've been wanting to change it for some time and finally got the ovaries to do so. I still love Suho, but Onew has always been my #1 bias in Kpop. Plus this user name will tie into this post.

Lee Jinki AKA Onew- Leader and lead vocalist of SHINee (Also a Sex God.)
Onto the purpose of this post. You may have been drawn in by its quite bizzaro title, or maybe it's the truth. Either way, beauty and sexiness is after all, subjective. Before we start I have one disclaimer: I don't dislike anyone mentioned is this post. 

Now I'm not saying that you should go around strutting like you're top dog or whatever, this is a post about why the idea of general beauty standards are very much stupid and kind of  a cheap way to gain control over an entire society. So I am going to use various thought out opinions and actual facts throughout this post so that the next time you think you're going to die alone you won't cry yourself to bed, or worse, jump out of the window. Thank me later.

A lot of people may think that the whole "everyone is beautiful" thing is a complete lie. And they're right, to a point. There some people you just, don't find attractive and never will. I'm talking strictly physical. However, there are people that can look past the physical and see the beauty in every person, which is admirable in my eyes but we're not here to discuss that.

I was reading Kpopalypse's when I cam across an interesting post.

You can view the article they're talking about here.

That isn't the first time I had seen that article, I had seen a video about it on The Young Turks before. But Kpopalypse raises a very good point, beauty is still subjective no matter how much people want to try and generalize it. Basically it means, there really is no "standard" of beauty, especially when you're talking about a nation as a whole.

Bang Yongguk-Leader and Main Rapper of B.A.P (I like how he flips off the camera.)

Take the states where there are multiple races running around, yet there is still this not-so-subtle clue that White is superior. That's not to say that their aren't standards of beauty for separate races. However what blows my mind is that each race wants to look like the exact polar opposite of what they want to look like majority of the time. Take a look at the white standards vs. the black standards.
White Beauty Standards (General)
Black Beauty Standards (General)
Tanned Skin
Light Skin
Curly/Volumed Hair
Straight Hair

Mind fucked much?

Kim Himchan- sub-vocalist, rapper, and The Face/Visual of B.A.P

Now a lot of people will say that "America has no standard of beauty. People can like whatever they want." And yes that is true people can like what they want and be free to too. However, when you grow up you will notice that beautiful people get advantages that "uglier" people don't. And these beautiful people usually look like who's popular in mass media.

American Actress and Model- Jennifer Lawrence
For instance, not every black person has blonde hair and light skin. However a foreigner who the closest thing they have ever come to black is Beyonce, then they will probably think that black people look like her. When majority of us don't look anything like that at all.

American Actress and Model- Angelina Jolie
Same could be said for white women. Not every white woman is skinny as hell with tanned skin and blonde hair, however if all you've been looking at your whole life is Nicole and Paris then yeah, you'd expect them to look like that.

Kim Hyoyeon- Main dancer, vocalist, and rapper of Girls' Generatiom (SNSD)
And this doesn't just go for women, this goes for men. Not every male looks like a Calvin Klein and Armani underwear model with rippling abs and glossy skin and amazing hair. 

Im Yoona- The Face/Visual, lead dancer, vocalist, and rapper of Girls' Generation (SNSD)
But I find that when someone finds something that isn't amongst the standard of beauty, people have a lot of crap to say about that person. They think they are "weird" for not worshiping Miranda Kerr and that dude from Hunger Games. When in fact, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Which brings me to my #1 bias in Kpop Onew.
Australian Model- Miranda Kerr
Onew aka Lee Jinki, or Jinki Lee is  Korean. So, bringing forth the Korean standard of beauty is sort of a must. He doesn't have wide double eyelids, nor does he have snow white skin, he's not that tall nor that muscular and on top of that, he finds black women attractive. If you're an American, then that might mean nothing, but as a Korean male who's constantly in the spotlight it's a big deal to anybody who's into Kpop or is into Korean media. And this is because the Korean Ideal Beauty Standard is ransacked into these peoples brains from day 

American Actor- Leonardo DiCaprio (GIVE THIS MAN AN OSCAR ALREADY!!!)
The only reason I can think of why beauty standards exist is for one reason only: control. Beauty is power, and gaining control over someone shows a great amount of power. So putting a bullshit ass standard of beauty on a pedestal and telling someone "if you don't look like, this, then you're ugly" is all it takes to get someone to feel like complete crap, and let alone believe you, getting power should be easy breezy lemon squeezey. 

American Singer, songwriter, composer and producer- Pharrell Williams
Now of course beauty standards like everything else has a history. For America, the reason behind tanned skin taken during the industrial era. If you had pale skin, then that mean that you weren't getting enough sunlight because you were slaving away all day in those god forsaken factories making less than fifty cents an hour. Thus, making you poor and undesirable. However, if you had tanned skin then that meant that you could spend all the fun in the sun you wanted too and not risk getting sick because you were rich enough too.

American singer, songwriter, and composer- Beyonce Knowels
For African Americans, having dark skin meant that you were field slave and worked all day picking cotton and such for the slave master. If you were light skinned, then that meant that you were a house n***a AKA slave masters child who was a white man, making your skin, and sometimes eyes, lighter. In all honesty being both is bad because while one got beaten to death, the other got raped. So it's a loose, loose situation when you think about it, but the lighter skin one got picked for other various reasons.

Kim Minseok AKA Xiumin- Lead Vocalist, lead dancer, and sub-rapper of EXO(M)
The Korean (and a lot of other Eastern Asian Countries) standard of beauty is surprising close to the African American one. In the history of their beauty standards, if you had tanner skin then that meant that you worked outside all day and were not all that wealthy. However if you had whiter skin then that meant that you were able to stay in the house all day because you were wealthy enough to have servants do all the outside work for you. But the servants weren't necessarily "slaves."
Lu Han- Lead Vocalist, lead dancer, and The Face/Visual of EXO (M)
Now looking at this from a historic point of view, you can see why these beauty standards make sense. However, this isn't hundreds of years ago. It's 2014, a time where the color of your skin should mean absolutely nothing but it now means everything more than ever. It seems like rather than people trying to understand why, or just accept the fact that a person has a trait that isn't apart of some old ass standard, they try to shove more bullshit in their faces. Which is just plain stupid, stop being a closed minded asshole and just accept the fact that not everyone will give a shit about your standards.

American singer, songwriter, and composer- Alicia Keys
Now if you think that the Korean standard of beauty is beautiful. Good for you, there is nothing wrong with liking the current craze, however when someone likes Hyoyeon over Yoona, that doesn't make them wrong. Why? Because no matter how much you try to force a generalization of beauty, there are people who won't give a crap because they like what they like. Some people will prefer Jennifer Lawrence over Angelina Jolie. There are people who prefer Pharrell Williams over Leonardo DiCaprio. There are people prefer Zinger over Hyosung. There are people who prefer Xiumin over Luhan. 

Barbadian singer, songwriter, actress, and fashion designer - Rihanna

Like Arcadey said in a Kpopalypse interview once (you can view it here.)  "
As for plastic surgery, rather than chastise those who get it, it’s better to try and work on creating a society in which people don’t feel the pressure to have to get it in the first place."  And he's absolutely right. This can be said for both Korea and America in all honesty. Yes, believe it or not plastic surgery happens in the U.S. and there is a slightly high chance that you're favorite celebrity has had a nip or tuck. It may not be to instant of Koreans and the K-Industry, but it is still common. 
Korean singer, songwriter, composer, and producer- Kwon BoA
For instance, a lot of Koreans don't have double-eyelids. They have single lids. So when someone sets a standard for double-eyelids that is practically a must have, then it can become a problem. And yes, I understand that people get the double-eyelid surgery for medical reasons (along with other plastic surgery procedures as well.) In fact, plastic surgery was invented for people who had accident in their lives and wanted normal features, or had a problems with the parts they were born with a needed a certain part of their body fixed to benefit them for health reasons. 
Korean Actress and Model- Han Ye Seul
Plastic surgery is not a root of all evil at all, it has helped many (and has also destroyed others faces but lets no post pics and have my two readers have nightmares.) The only person who's standards you should give a crap about is yours. Set your own standard of beauty instead of caving into something that doesn't have your best interest in heart. The only standard you should only live up to, is yours and yours only.

Korean Actor and Model- Yoon Si Yoon

  • Like what you like
  • Beauty has, and always will be subjective
  • Beauty standards are kind of stupid
  • The only standards you should live up to, is yours.

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