Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's the Deal With Markianisty? "Fake" Gods? Suhology?

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Ahh yes, K-Pop religions are always fun. But to the many people who get butthurt over this issue, this post is dedicated to them.

Firstly, we don't actually believe they are god and created the Earth and all that jazz. That should be obvious, as most people just really like that particular idol and/or idolizes them enough to they can like them on a religious level. That's a compliment.

So why do people act sooooo touchy about the subject? Well, I can offer a few pointers as to why.

I've been told that Pastafarian's believe in a "fake" god. Which is complete and total bullshit. If the Flying Spaghetti Monster is fake, then so is GOD, Allah, Zeus, and any other god under the sun. Why? Because a god is a god.

The only reason why "god" exist, and I don't know why religious/people who believe in god can't get this through their thick heads, is the fact that they believe he or she does. There is no hard scientific proof that a god ever existed but their is no proof that he doesn't exist. You are literally the only reason why your god exist, you give him life, you give him a reason to actually exist. Without the immense following the Catholic and Christian Church have, their probably still wouldn't be the large amount of Catholic and Christian's that roam the planet.

Take money for example. The only reason why $100 is worth one-hundred dollars is because it says so, and we believe it. Without the label and the people actually believing that it is worth something, that one-hundred dollars is just a piece of smelly paper. So yes, tearing your bills and tearing up a one-hundred dollar bill are practically the same thing. And yes, money does grow on trees.

This post is not made to offend people who believe in supreme being, by all means believe in what you believe in. But when Suho_ftw get's shit on for believing in the Flying Spaghetti Monster then you need to probably either:

A. Realize that religion or believing in god shouldn't be taken to point where you're acting like a cunt, and:

B. Ask yourself if religion or believing in a god is the right thing for you. Because it clearly isn't, and you're worse then majority of the delusional sassaeng K-Pop fans.

Side note, while there is no proof that Gods exist, at least I KNOW Mark Tuan exist. Just saying.

So the bottom line is this:

1. Let people believe in what they fucking want to believe.

2. Believe in what you believe. Religion and beliefs are made so that you can be happy and live the life you want to live.

3. Just because your God may be more popular or have more followers than mine or others doesn't make you right, wrong or better than me. And if you think that way, then congratulations, you're a religious fanatic and probably need some sort of help. 

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