Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Praying for the Lost Ones: K-pop Entertainment Industry on hold in light of SK sunken ferry

South Korea brings devastating news about a ferry that sunk carrying 475 passengers. Most of them were high school student taking a school tip to Jeju when three hours in, they found themselves panicking in an attempt to survive the force of the water trapping them in the boat. There are currently 290 people missing and 6 already reported dead, including 4 students and a teacher. Only 179 passengers have been rescued since the incident. 80 student have been reported rescued out of the 325 that boarded. The search continues on.

It's a big question that I would also like to know, why did the ferry sink in the first place? Another thing that bothers me is that there was no announcement telling the passengers to evacuate but instead to stay put, with no further announcement. Many people were trapped in their cabins as the water was rushing into the ferry and I can only imagine how impossible it would be to escape. Many survivors stated that the ship was listing to it's side and still there was no announcement to evacuate the rooms and go up to there helicopters and boats were waiting.

"Passenger Kim Seong-mok told broadcaster YTN that after having breakfast, he felt the ferry tilt and then heard it crash into something. He said an announcement told passengers to not move from their places and that he never heard another about evacuating." - The Boston Glob.

Another things is that there were life boats and rafts aboard that ferry that were unused. The crew made a big misjudgment in this incident which is sure to cost many lives which could have been easily saved had they acted sooner and not waited until they were 100% sure they were going down.

This is a very tragic event and I pray that more people are recovered even with the extremely small chance.

K-pop industry has also come to a temporary halt during this time delaying comebacks, dramas, events, and programs. M! Countdown and Music Bank have already canceled this weeks programing as well as Mnet's 'M! Countdown Begins', and 'Block B's 5 minutes Before Chaos' have also been canceled. A Pink and BoA have also delayed their events along with EXO, Block B, and MBLAQ.


  1. This was very interesting! I'm glad to see they've put some hold so that it can make more people aware.