Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Please Stahp the Vocal Hate

There is no other reason I am posting this Kyungsoo pic other than the fact that I am talking  about vocals and his vocals are awesome. 

Now we all know that not every Kpop idol is the best at vocals. However, the majority try and work with what they can. However, there are some fans that think unless you belt out throughout a song, then you aren't a "true" vocalist.

This is hugely false.

A vocalist or singer, is supposed to sing the notes along with the composition and production of the music. If you have a weak instrumental and a belting power vocal throughout the whole song, then it's not going to sound good. Weak or soothing instrumentals should be accompanied by soothing and quieter vocals. 

Ailee's "Singing Got Better" is an example of vocals overpowering an instrumental.

IU and Jonghyun's "Depression Clock" or "Gloomy Clock" is an example of soothing vocals, matching a soothing instrumental.

And IU and Jonghyun are both power vocals. Shoot, Jonghyun's known for belting in almost everything. However they both set aside their belts and rips and pulled down more quiet and wispy vocals that made this song truly beautiful and one of IU's best songs ever. 

However it can go both ways. There is a time and place for belting. And when an artist should and can belt it can make a song complete. Quiet vocals and a strong instrumental sounds just as uncomfortable. Take Ga-In's "Bloom." While Bloom is both an amazing song, video, release I sometimes find Ga-In's more quiet vocals to be beaten up by the extreme pop-disco instrumental.

However, Ailee's "I Will Show" you has a strong and large instrumental that was made for her belting, thus making it an amazing song.

And a song that has a balance would be Ga-In and Bumkey's "Fxxk U." It's more on the soothing side but both have strong vocals that go in and out of the song.

So, when netizens bashed Sunmi for not having the vocals of Ailee, JeA, Taeyeon, any vocalist here, they were all sort of talking out of their ass. Just because Sunmi doesn't belt doesn't make her a crappy singer. She has a lower and more airy sounding vocals, sort of like Ga-In, and the songs that JYP and Brave Sound gave her not only accompanied her vocals, but enhanced them.

Take "24 Hours"

Her more mysterious sounding vocals match the dark and mysterious vibe of the song perfectly, and Sunmi stays within her range. Something a lot of Kpop idols don't do, so they try to hit notes they can't reach thus straining their voices and not sounding good. These companies need to let their idols know that just because they can't hit a High E Above Middle C doesn't make them a shitty vocalist. And these netizens need to understand that so they won't make idiots out of themselves next time they try to bash Sunmi, or any other vocalist in Kpop that doesn't have the voice of Ailee.

For instance, "24 Hours" wouldn't have probably been as good if the vocal goddess Lee Michelle had sung it. But "Without You" wouldn't have been nearly as powerful if Sunmi had sung it.

These are good examples of songs that have vocals that fit the "largeness" of the instrumentals. Lee Michelle's vocals would have overpowered "24 Hours" and Sunmi's vocals would have died down the impact of "Without You." Both of these athens make excellent impact without doing too much or too little.

So in the end, being a good vocalist doesn't always mean being the next Hwayobi. Have a grrrreeeaaat day!

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