Monday, April 14, 2014

[MV Review] Block B Are Your BEST Nightmares

Block B return after a semi-short hiatus and another crime committed with the amazing "Jackpot" with a hilarious and confusing story-line and a great song.

Or did they????

This music video symbolizes how Block B are such (not so) great criminals. 

The music video starts creepy as ever with a young girl falling for Block B's pussy trap of posing behind glass at an abandoned carnival (because girls love abandoned carnivals) wearing clown masks that could put Saw to shame and Illuminati Symbols. Because everyone loves piss-your-pants clown masks and illuminati symbols!

Then a member (we will assume this is Zico) pops up and scares the girl (who instead of running away just decides to…jerk and stand there.) Backing up into Zico (who is a wizard clown and can magically teleport out of glass.)

CHA_CHA INPUT: Kai teleported into the glass to help Zico teleport out of the glass. Zico's not a wizard he just knows who to call. I'm glad to see the two are homies <3

And then the girl…faints after seeing Zico's clown mug up-close and then you next see them in a small and brightly colored room in typical BlockB style which is just [fucking] awesome. And thus begins the best nightmare of a Block B fans life.

"Jackpot" begins, which the thoughts on the song will be at the end of this review.

Zico screams like a wild banshee, waking up the girl which causes everyone to go all coo-coo bananas. And we find that instead of Block B taking advantage of their victim, they are perfect gentlemen, and treat more as a literal doll than anything else.

First: The first one to play with her is Zico. Turning her into a puppet that mimics everything he does and fliddling her around. Then P.O.[?] and some other members play dominos together. Things get out of hand and one member is forced to pull out a can of whop-ass Nilili Mambo style. 

Next Taeil traps her in a hall way taunting her with forks and knifes (I guess because they won't let her eat so she's desperately hungry and he sees this as good taunting material.) And then the members chase her in slo-mo black and white bicycle gang style through the abandoned carnival. 

Afterwards Kyung catches her and plays the knife-throwing-while-you-spin-around-on-a-disk-game (I seriously don't know what the fuck that is called, if you know what it is leave it down in the comments below, K?Thnx!) Then cracks out the SM WHIP! 

Then, another member (I don't know all the members sorry :/) has her taped to a closet door and tries to get her into a sexy maid costume. I guess after refusing him, he sentenced her to getting a bunch of crazy hair cuts (even though that's clearly a wig she's wearing) so…yeah…

Que a bunch of montage-y clothes change/makeover.

And then the carnival burst back into color and fun with dancers and performances and the girl is having a good time kicking-it with the boys as well.

Then the boys send her off (which defeats the purpose of them being kidnappers. YOU DON'T LET THE VICTIMS GO YOU [CUTE] DUMBIES!!!!!) To which she flips them the bird while strutting off. Causing the members to go coo-coo bananas again.

In other words Block B as gang bangers in "Nalina"? FAIL. Block B as pirate thief's in "Nilli Mambo"? FAIL. Block B as robbers in "Very Good"? FAIL. Block B as kidnappers in "Jackpot"? FAIL. Block B as criminals in general? MASSIVE FAIL. 

But that's the point of Block B videos, so 5/5 for this MV! It's super hilarious and fun.

Now time for the song! When I first heard it, I was a bit conflicted about rather or not I liked it. However after a second listen I really liked it and after a third I loved it. I like the mix of the 40's piano with the Carnival fun swing added to it. The chorus is still taking me a bit of time to get used to to, but it's not majorly distracting so it I give the song a 4.5/5. 

Since Cha_Cha loves Block B, she gives it 7/5 dicks. 

Pics and gifs to come.

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