Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Meet the Ultimate Hotty Long Lost Siblings of Kpop

Can't believe I'm just now posting this btws.

Anyways, we all know and love Jooyeon of After School. 

Pretty girl. I love her Micky Mouse ears, and my 3rd fave member in AS.

And of course we all know I love EXO's Suho aka Joonmyeon.

Oh yes. Hell yes.


I'll do this from both perspectives:

Suho looks like Jooyeon chopped off some of her hair and got a six pack. Cuz you know:

Jooyeon looks like Suho grew out his hair/put on a wig and grew boobs/butt because I mean:

Dude, this sibling fan fiction writes itself. 

There's a hidden message above. Highlight to see it. And no, I'm not talking about an incest relationship. 

Crap, now whenever I see either, I can only think of the other. And now you will too.

I don't think that makes you gay, but I'm not an expert in this so whatever. Bottom line is their both hot.

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