Saturday, April 26, 2014


If your not into guys then this post is not for you.

Pretty cute right? Okay I will admit he does resemble Suho_ftw a LITTLE with all the eyeliner, but so does majority of idols male or females. Bottom line is one could not simply wish to do dirty things to this cutie right? WRONG!!!

If Cute=Sexy=Cute then U BETTER GET WITH IT JIMIN!

Dat split.

He's dizzying. Or hypnotizing. Whatever the fuck it's called. Oh yeah! Ass.

You know I have a thing for thighs…LOOK AT DEM!

My reaction matches Suga's:

Jimin's not even my bias in the group! (Although he is high in the ranking.) That honor goes to Suga for my BTS bias.

Jimin is hot…

Tumblr. is a wonderful place <3

Suga is the most adorable cutie cute cutie to ever grace with Thug Lyfe.


  1. What I got out of this is that you think I look like Jimin and you might want to have sex with me. Not sure how I feel about that O_O.

  2. LOL. Don't worry, I didn't mean it like that.