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How to Be a Crappy K-Pop YouTube Commenter

I'm putting Jungkook here because well, I haven't talked about BTS yet and I like them and he's my bias and I think he's really cute so yeah. Expect more pics of him throughout the post.

Are you a K-Pop fan? Do you want to be a total a-hole and upset many people for no reason? Will then this is you're own personal guide to being a K-Pop Commenter. 

But first, watch the Smosh version (It's funny):

Honestly, the same could go for K-Poppers too. But I've made my own list!

Okay, now that you have a general understanding of where this post is going, let's move on.

The "I'm Older Than You and More Smarter Than You So I'll Make a Complete Douche Of Myself Because You're Stupid and I'm Not! Watch Me Poorly Defend Myself When the Shitstorm Comes!" Commenter

The title says it all kids! All you have to do is be older than the general audience. Keep in mind that rather or not you're actually older than 13 you can lie! Who cares about honesty anyway??? Also use big words like "generation" but don't use proper grammar.  Remember sense you're anonymous, be as rude as possible, act as if the people in video have know feelings, and act as if you have know respect for nothing in the world. Also take in mind that you don't know the actual ages of people watching but who cares? Act as if you know any and everything about everything in the world. Like this guy:

How in the hell that has four likes still baffles me. But moving on! (This is from under F(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum" MV bts.)

Do the same thing when you get a stream of negative comments only make an even bigger idiot of yourself for not being open minded. 

Wow! What a dumbass. Funny you're talking about others being troll bait when you're setting yourself up for your ass to be lit on fire.

Suddenly I have a craving for lollipops. Must have a sweet tooth today!

The "I Know Everything About Music Even Though the Most I Have Ever  Come to Being Musically Educated is 10th Grade General Music and Therefor, Have a Right Judge on How Idols Should Act 24/7 Even Though I have No Right to Be Making Such Statements in the First Place Because I Can't Own Human Beings" Commenter

AKA, Anti-Kpopalypse. 

I don't have the sources of these quotes however I do remember them because at the time they were funny to look at. This was from some Anti-BTS Fans.

What these people do, is scrap everything they know about what being an idol means and just jump straight into making harsh judgements.

"Rap Monster??? Does he have any right what-so-ever to call himself that? An idol rapper is still an idol rapper! Not a real rapper."

"Funny how BTS act like they're so hard on stage but when they get off, they're the exact opposite! They are the fakest idols out there!"

"Burn the fetus alive. I hate him!" (Referring to Jungkook.)

Okay, anybody that know anything about "idol rap" knows that idol rappers have never been perfect. However, a lot of idol rappers started off as underground rappers, like Rap Monster, where they rap to music that's suitable for their style of music. I find BTS's music rap-appropiate. While Rap Monster is a bit of a silly name (okay hilarious) there is nothing against the law that states that one cannot chose to have a silly stage name. Getting upset over something petty that you can't control is stupid.

Second quote is stupid because any rapper or idol or musician have this thing called a persona. Look it up! Even American rappers act differently when they're not rapping. I would reference say, Tupac and Biggie but most of you probably aren't old enough to know who they are, or don't care. Heck! I was born when Tupac was dead! So I'll just  link T.I. because most of you should at least know who he is:

And then there is this interview:

So yeah, it's pretty obvious that you're not going to be rapping in the middle of an interview about killin' in the streets when you were asked "How has your day been going?" Because we all know you barely have time to do anything when you have a #1 and #2 hit on the Billboard. Hell, even loud-ass Waka Flaka Flame turns it down a bit for interviews.

Now I am in no way comparing BTS to T.I., Tupac, or Biggie. Nor do I think they are "Real Hood Gangsta's." However, I'm making a point that you can't always be "Hard in the Paint" even when you're a hard-core rapper. I personally think the pull of a hip-hop concept well and I'm glad they're entertaining and funny off of camera. 

That last quote I just added in there because it's funny. Jungkook is joking called "fetus" by his fans because he's the youngest member and has a two-year deference between him and the other younger members. That quote was probably made by some Noona fan who's mad because Jungkook turned her into a pedo-noona or something.

Reminds me of a rabbit. Rabbits are cute.

The "I Hate K-Pop, Therefore I Feel the Need to Go Under Any K-Pop MV and Bash K-Pop and Anyone Who Likes it Because People Who Don't Share the Same Opinion as Me Shouldn't Be Allowed to Make Opinions" Commenter.

This could honestly relate to very first screen-cap but that was separate. So I'm just going to talk anyway.

If you don't like K-Pop then why are you even under the video? Are you trying to troll? Well then you're a sucky troll. 

That's like me walking into MacDonald's, going up to the cash register and instead of ordering I go "YOU'RE FOOD FUCKING SUCKS AND SO DO YOUR COSTUMERS!" And then storming out. Did I stop MacDonald's from selling death inside a bag? No. Will it stop people from going to MacDonald's and buying their food? No. 

This does absolutely nothing but make you look like a dumbass when you get your ass-chewed out and you're saying shit like: "What did I say that was wrong??? I was just stating my opinion?" Yes you're stating your opinion, but you came under this video knowing you wouldn't like it, probably didn't watch it and became troll bait. Can you not like K-Pop? Of course. But just because someone likes what you doesn't, does not make them diseased or stupid, because everyone likes different things. And if you can't understand that, then it must really suck to be you.

Also, a lot of you sound like Old Man Grandpa at the 1:30 mark in the Smosh video I linked in the beginning when he says:

 "I don't like Obama beacuz other peopel said they don't like Obama and I don't have the payshunts too do my own research and form my own opinions onO bama."  (If you watch the video, it's spelled differently on purpose.)

And you can literally change that to:

"I don't like K-pop becuz other ppl said they don't like K-shit and I don't have the patients to do my own research or watch one lousy video and form my own opinions on K-pop." 

And then get mad when someone says: "STFU man."

So the bottom line is stop being a dickwad and enjoy music.

Here's some last views of Jungkook:

Thnx tumblr. people :)


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