Sunday, April 20, 2014

Apink "Mr.Chu" Review

To start off I'm going to say this, I didn't like "NoNoNo"… When it was sung on the track. The live version of "NoNoNo" was amazing, but the regular track version made their voices sound soooo fucking annoying and overly cutesy and it was a pain in my ears. 

However "Mr.Chu" is worlds better in my opinion.

While "NoNoNo" was an overall good song, I think "Mr.Chu" is 1000x's better than it overall. Sure the music video is typical cutesy Apink style, but the pink outfits shows overall growth. Not to mention the song has a slightly less sugar feel to it, a bit more of an R&B sound which I love. The video game sound around the 2:33 mark just added that extra touch, and the person who edits the vocals didn't make them sound like imitation J-Pop artist, so 5/5 for the song.

As for biases, I don't have one but Chrorong is growing on me lately. 

There are no dicks to rank this song off of lol.

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  1. Why is it rated 12????????
    Songs good and really catchy!