Saturday, April 12, 2014


Anorexia is a common issue that is rising not just nationally, but globally. So I've decided to post some pix of EXO eating because, if people that hot can eat like this then so can you.

*Yes I know these are Kpop idols and food can be a little scarce for them, but using hot idols boost the meaning of this post.* Plus why not use EXO in honor of their new upcoming comeback?

So prepare for an post filled with pics and gifs of *not* super sexy food porn, bad puns, and a lot of ice cream.

I'll take you in one spoonful (Like ice cream)

Chocolate Ice cream kisses <3

I got nothing. Just enjoy.

Luhan's honestly never looked hotter to me.

Suckin' on a chicken bone Kai? Are you my Great Grandmother? 


Sehun's never looked cuter.

Bacon eating chicken? MIND-FUCKED!!!

Doesn't count Crackyeol.

Much better. Bite it!

At the end of those pale fingertips is melted chocolate Ice Cream.  (That melted ice cream is headed straight for his pit-hairs O_O)

Slow it down, and play "Careless Whispers." 

Cutest Cutie to Have Ever Cutied. (I could resist this gif!)

Kyungsoo representing how the average person eats. Yas!

A bonus for the HunHan shippers:

Yes the one to the left is Luhan lol.

Remember say YES to food. No to anorexia!!!

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