Sunday, March 30, 2014

Why Do EXO Fans Like EXO??? Cha_Cha Has the Answer!

Lmao. I love Kung Fu Panda.

It's no secret that Kpop is heavily placed on looks. Then again, it's not that different for Western Pop either. Looks and pop music have always gone hand in hand, because Pop music is just Popular Music. So the people who sing pop music have to look like the current obsession that people have for beauty. Like in the late 90's and early 2000's a trend for female pop singers was blonde hair (i.e. Christina, Britney, ect…) 

If you read AKF then you know how they talk about vocal masturbation, which is basically hitting unnecessary high notes that are either not needed, or that the singer/vocalist can't hit but still wants to for some reason. However today let's talk about visual masturbation. 

Now Kpop has never visually masturbated as a trend. It was always one idol/group that decided to do it and got talked shit to for it. While I don't agree that groups should get bashed, I can understand why people will get upset. Kpop is interesting to look at, because the music videos focus on other things outside of the members of the group looking good. There was a time when American pop music did this, and then it all went to shit along with the quality of the music. 

The main thing that they focus on outside of the members looks, is the dance and setting. A good example for this is SNSD's "Gee." They're all mahicans in a boutique that all come to life once their owner is gone. That's actually interesting, and on top of that they had a fun dance, and all of the members looked great!

Then you have music videos on the opposite end of the spectrum with Stellar's "Marionette" and any HyunA music video in existence. Now sure if you're a straight male or lesbian you had plenty of interesting things to look at. And I'm sure your penises and vagina's were very happy. But with a semi-bland song and a dance that looks like your ass is itching, it can only do so much. However, I am not like those idiots that bashed Stellar because that gets nowhere. I just don't give a fuck and let the Stellar fans be happy.

(The MV is age restricted. So I can't link it. Sorry :/)

A more recent and good example of a perfect balance of looks and interesting things, would be After School's "First Love." All of the members looked great, but seeing a pole dance in a more artistic light is interesting and quite mesmerizing to look at.

B.A.P videos never really focused on the members looks. They always smear paint on their faces, put in the dark or extremely flashy settings, or just show them dancing from far angles. They don't really focus too much on how good the boys look with the exception of three music videos. "One Shot" "Coffee Shop" and "Hurricane" (to a point.)

Which then brings us to EXO. It wouldn't be SM if they didn't focus heavily on the looks, however everyone was surprised when the members of EXO could actually sing "Growl" live with confidence. 

Sure EXO may be hot and all, but if SM just showed close ups of them doing nothing but winking at the camera, not going to lie, I would click off. SM keeps them balanced between looks and other elements of the music video (again mainly dance) so that way it won't get boring or repetitive. They don't overly expose the boys to the point that you visually masturbate throughout the whole music video. EXO has always had the balance of visual pleasure and keeping a persons attention. When there is a dance, they dance, and when there is time for a close up, they look good. They are never really "boring" in my and a lot of other EXO fans's opinions.

So when people say EXO or Insert 3rd Generation Idol Here that is REALLY Popular is boring or uninteresting, I just can't help but think they just don't like 3rd generation idols as a whole. Sure they can have their opinions and all, but when you shit on a generation of idols as whole who actually make good music, dude you're delusional.

P.S. I could have just titles this why Kpop fans like Kpop. But it would be invalid none-the less.

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