Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sleeping On The Job? SNSD's Sunny Caught!

Congrats to 2NE1 for their recent win on Inkigayo! Come Back Home has been a huge success even they didn't know would happen! The hard work these ladies have been pouring into their new album is paying off and it looks like a great start to the year.

However, there have been some very observant eyes. During the voting count, 2NE1 wowed the crowd and took home the treasure. With the other groups surrounding them, quite a few noticed Sunny of SNSD standing with a blank expression while everyone around her was clapping, bowing, and (in 2NE1's case) crying and jumping for joy. 

A lot of people were a bit disappointed with this, both Black Jacks and Sones. It was taken as rather unprofessional. Some argued she wasn't feeling well from the day before. Others defended that that as her normal face. Some said she was pouting at the loss.

As a SoneJack myself, I'm sure she did not intend to come off as any of those. However I have to admit it wasn't a very professional appearance. In the entertainment industry, once you build u a reputation, you have an image to uphold. Things like this, even so small, can make an impact. 

Comments became quite heated and blown way off topic from the article. It seems SNSD and 2NE1 are getting more attention than they realized, and not all for the best!

It was taken as disrespect to 2NE1, but I'm sure it wasn't mean to be. Just something to be more aware of and cautious of in the future. 

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