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SHINe(X)=Tim Burton's of Kpop?

The saving graces of 2013.

I don't fear saying that SHINee and F(x) are my favorite groups. If ELFs and SONEs have a problem with me preferring some groups over theres, knowing I'm still a fan, then they are part of mentally handicapped Kpop fanism that I'm not going to talk about. This is a positive post about why I love SHINee and F(x). Let's stay upbeat :)

One may ask "Why do I like my favorite band? What's there to like? What is it about them that is so stand-outish to me?" Well why others have their reasons, I have mine as to why I like both F(x) and SHINee.

1. Amazing Music.
Not going to lie, the main reason why these two groups are my favorite is because, I like almost every song they've put out there, on any album. I find that SHIN(X) albums are rarely full of fullers and have the perfect balance of fun dance tracks and well done (in my opinion) ballads. Oh and not to mention they're songs are creepy and strange. Something I like because not many Kpop groups have that distinctive sound that these two groups can pull off.

2. Dancing.
It's no doubt SHINee can dance. If you look at any SHINee video then you can obviously tell all of them have rhythm. F(x) however, are not to be outshinned. SM has yet to release F(x)'s full dancing potential, however their choreography is very fluid and always suits the song for that dance.

3. They All Have Something to Bring to the Table + Always Improving
There are no "useless" or "filler" members in SHIN(X). I can't say that for other groups. You may have some groups that have those two members that seem like they're just there just to make the group seem bigger and family like, but can't add anything talent-wise to the group. Some may argue that talent means nothing in Kpop, but if that were the case than majority of idols wouldn't be idols. No group all-together is useless. It's usually just one or two members, while the others can carry their talents just fine. However, with these two I find that each member has something to offer, and over the course of the six-five years SHIN(X) have been around, you can definitely tell a vast improvement in all of the members. Especially members like Taemin, Minho, Victoria, and Amber. That is something admirable in my opinion, sense improving isn't a requirement for most idols. 

4. Personas
I use the term "Persona" because I don't know the idols personally, so the term "personality" would be invalid. Leader Wise: Onew comes off very happy and sweet and Victoria can come off confident and charming. Powerhouse Vocals: Jonghyun can come off extremely comedic and sexual and Luna can come off as an amazingly sweet person. Rappers: Minho can come off as sort of mute yet "charismatic", and Key can come off as a diva with a heart. Amber comes off as a total goofball and Sulli can come off as cutey pie. Maknaes: Taemin is too adorable for words and Krystal can come off awkward and sort of shy. Speaking of Sulli and Krystal lets talk about them being "rude." Now, a lot of the stuff posted about Krystal was just propaganda in the sense, that the netizens blew it way out of proportion. With Sulli and Krystal together, they've never come off nasty or rude in the persona department, however every idol has their days. Theirs just got reported and publicized for some reason. I'm sure Chanyeol has his days where he's like "If there is anything other than crack cocaine in my crack cocaine then I swear to god, I'm jabbing up you're fucking anus. Got it?" *Smiles derp smile*  And then he has days where he's like "I'll settle for weed Lay." *Smiles sweet smile* Which is understandable, I have those days; you have them. Idols are people.

Of course it wouldn't be GOK without some goofy Chanyeol macros.

Chanyeol on a bad day I imagine is something like this:

And Yeolie on a good day:

I've been reading too many Cha_Cha articles… Yeolie looks adorbs with his black hair btws.

5. Strange Tim Burton-Esc Concepts
Ah, so finally we get to the point of this entire post. What you think when you hear Tim Burton movies? I think something strange, yet visually pleasing, something that makes me think, something that always questions the ways the world works. Of course darkness (which I'll get too later.) But overall just a giant mind fuck that I'll enjoy at the end.

Now SHINee with their debut song were never strange or weird (minus them all being in love with the same girl.) However the music video of Amigo was both dark, strange, and visually appealing. 

For some reason "Amigo" won't share as the bigger YT videos. All the others will so you'll just have to squint at the screen for this one.

          It most definitely was a mind-fuck. And the lyrics kind of freak me out because I can't help but think there is some hidden sexual meaning behind them.

Exhibit A: My fast beating heart hurts o_o

Exhibit B: Did she come? Did she see? o_O

Exhibit C: If there had been, I'd already have been a SLAVE O_O

Exhibit Bonus: You're perfect, perfect. You've got to be the climax of my life! 0o0

Yeah nuff said. 

Again a lot of SHINee songs have those rathe erotic lyrics. And others are more straight forward like "Get It."

How that got passed the Korean Music Banning Association is beyond me. Maybe it's because they say "I'm gonna need your permission before I start." Calling out all the rappers who talk about "fucking bitches" but never about the "bitches" permission. Good message for kids. I'm not even kidding.

It's one of SHINee's best songs. Oh, and it was Co-Written by Key and Minho, so um they were clearly horny or something while writing this XD. Do/Don't play this song around parents/children/your boss rather they speak Korean or English.

F(x)'s debut song and video, "LA chA TA", came closer to the Tim Burton-esc themes with the darker setting and weird props. I find Luna and Sulli's scenes with the moon to be really cool looking and most memorable. 

Only real gif I could find :(

While "Juliette"  and "Love Like Oxygen"wasn't that strange at all "Ring Ding Dong" had strange and dark settings with the confusing park of them turning into angels at the end. But nothing extremely Tim Burton-ny. Still great though and there are still elements in there.

SHINee's releases to come like "Lucifer" has a Tim Burton theme written all over it. Taemin's hair could be scary yet sexy (like a lot of Tim Burton's character) can say that enough. Then again, that could be said for all the other members. "Lucifer" was a dark song with dark lyrics of being obsessed with a lover and doing whatever she wants like a robot. The video was also in a dark ally/garage looking thing, with the members in dark leather clothes and dark make up looking angry and mundane. 

This theme falls short with "Hello." 

Then comes F(x) with "Nu ABO" and all the members look like something out of a Tim Burton movie, only happier and a little more color popped.

And then "Mr Boogie" off of the Nu ABO album.

"Mr Boogie. If I want you. I can have you." Keep in mind they're talking about Mr. Boogie as in:

Why in the world would someone want that is beyond me. 

And then they launch their first album with "Pinocchio (Danger)" where it looks like a brighter version of Burton's version of "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory." And their wardrobe looks like something Burton would paint gothic colors and use in his films. That's a good thing.

With SHINee doing Japanese promotions it brought more light to their Little Sister group. So then the repackaged version of Pinocchio was "Hot Summer." Which was light and summery and the only thing slightly off about it is the fact that Sulli skinned "OH YEAH!" the Kool-Aid Man and decided to where his hind in celebration of the good times they spent together.

Then 2012 rolled around and SHINee gave us "Sherlock." Possibly their best song. While there is no obvious overt ode to Tim Burton it does keep the *sometimes silly* mystery and creepiness that all of Burton's movies tend to have. Their usual style was not marketed for this release which is understandable given the concept. It was a softer more British/ "Draw Me Like Your Korean French Boys" Concept. However it was still heavily SHINee-like in keeping that SHINee vibe that is the core of the reason behind this post.

And then F(x) with "Electric Shock." This is somehow the most Tim Burton-esc video and the least. On one-side the video is filled with many things to catch your eye and the members are styled rather bizarrely. The lyrics are also rather bizarre and it leaves you with a strong sense of both F(x)'s visual and musical style, similar to how a Tim Burton movie will leave you with a strong sense of Burton's visual and directing style. 

But on the other hand is extremely poppy and vibrant, but that also makes the stuff that is supposed to stand out and be bizarre, stand out and be bizarre. Similar in the contrast of Burton on how his dark taste makes things stand out and be bizarre do just that. Which is quite clever when you think of it.

Roll into 2013 where you have a SHAWOL and AFF(x)TIONATEs dream and lackluster for anyone else of having four great full albums and one awesome mini-album. The first being the addictive and repayable "Dream Girl."

What's special about "Dream Girl" in my opinion is that it falls under the same essentials of "Electric Shock." Only while majority of "Electric Shock" was dancing in a typical box. SHINee made use of that box. The members where doing crazy things and using the box in cool transitional ways. There's even a Lucifer trampoline cameo, and Minho's rapping is the best it's ever been. Onew shows off his amazing things and plays exorcist for a bit, Taemin… dances in pencil pants and Key shows off his adorable side, something that eventually had to debut sense Key is adorbs. It was an overall crazy and funky video that had a fun Tim Burton spice to it. Even the songs off of Misconceptions of You sounds like a modern and electronic (Key word being electronic) take on something TB movie soundtrack.

Not going to mention "Why So Serious." While I did like it, it's not really worth mentioning for this particular post.

However I will go into their album. "Misconceptions of Me" was an overall very dark release in general (anybody seen that photobook.) But the standout song for me was "Orgel" or "Music Box." Tim Burton's songs in his movies were always creepy but had a very sweet tune to them [Like "Pretty Women" from Sweeny Tod] that always added to the sort of mystery and curiosity of his songs and overall, his movies. Same being with his characters being dark yet have this sort of humanity to them. "Orgel" is most definitely both a mixture of creepy and sweet. 

The album for Misconceptions of Me has more of the dark Tim Burton flavor as a whole. Minus "Why So Serious." 

Which brings us to F(x) with their release of "Rum Pum Pum Pum" and their second album Pink Tape. You guys both know that F(x)'s, SHINee's, and IU's albums all made it on my Top3 best albums of 2013. So you guys should know my extreme love for Pink Tape.

The music video for "Rum Pum Pum Pum" was nothing special aside from the fact that we get to see F(x) in some cool clothes, Sulli growing up, and Krystal's bad ass hot pink hair. However RPPP as a song was exotic and the lyrics were most definitely sounding something of a Tim Burton and Dr. Sues collaboration in my opinion. Comparing a first love to a wisdom tooth, is a metaphor that sounds like something coming from the man who co-wrote "You're a Mean One Mr. Grinch." 

All of the albums I've mentioned don't have any dull tracks. However a standout on the F(x) album for me and a lot of others is "Shadow." This song has an extreme resemblance to "Orgel" in the sense that it has both a perfect combination of creepy and sweet. The lyrics are written as if they are coming from the perspective of a sassaeng or overly clingy lover. Similar to "Orgel." In fact, I say "Shadow" and "Orgel" are respond songs to two lover who have some sort of obsession with each other. In a stalkerish kind of way, in fact, a Tim Burton movie about two lovers being creepily, supernaturally, and dangerously obsessed with each other sounds pretty good. Since the song "Shadow" is about a shadow falling in love with its master one of the lovers can be shadow and throw in some more of those supernatural elements Burton likes to add, and you have a pretty good film. It can only be a hit or miss. With Burton, it's usually a hit.

Which finally brings us to "Everybody." The least Tim Burton-esc song, and the most Tim Burton-esc video. This music video is just one gian mind f*ck. Not kidding, there are a bunch of random crap that is there to just be random and look cool. The members look bizarre as fuck the whole thing is just very confusing. It opens with a creepy doll plugging the members of SHINee in who all start dancing like machines and then the rocking "Everybody" starts to play and then you'll have the song stuck in your head for days. "Everybody" gets right into the strangeness with both song and video. And much like Burton's films they are either hit or miss. SHINee most definitely hit with me. Their song "1Minute Back" off of the Everybody mini-album deserves a mention for this post.

*Wipes sweat from brow* You don't know how long I've been writing that for *pants.*  Cha_Cha's currently working on her semi-lengthy post. This probably the longest post to have ever graced this blog. I think I'll promote this one, it's a good "starter" post for newbies who want to read GOK. I'm proud of myself for finishing this one.


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