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[REALY L8] Cha_Cha's Favorite 2013 Songs

I just realized I hadn't done a 2013 favorites because I joined very early on in the year and didn't think to add this. So I'll do my top 20 songs+vids now. So sit back and enjoy the 2013 jams in March of 2014!!!

[UPDATE: This will be top 30. Some songs were overshadowed by accident.]

DISCLAIMER: I have shit taste in music compared to others who have an actual music back grounds. So this is really just my personal tastes and opinions :)

30. 2NE1's "Do You Love Me?"

This battled with "Falling in Love" but the end I found myself dancing and loving this more. Plus the poppy 80's vibe is so addicting. 

29. Ladies' Codes "Pretty Pretty!"

Fun and addictive with a funky tone and good message through the video, LC get's an A+ from me.

28. Girls Day's "Female President"

I can't even tell you why I loved this song. So I'm just going to guess and say: it's very fun and the butt dance is funny to do. But more Sojin will be appreciated.

27. T-Ara's "Number 9"

If I hadn't forgotten about T-ara and decided to make this a top 30 list at the last minute then this song would be way higher on the list. 

26. Jin's "Gone"

A very light and airy song, but still a great song with a great video. I love Jin's voice in this, and the MV had me crying by the end.

Side note- Xiumin's so qt.

25. G-Dragon's "WHO YOU?"
This song has that Pharrell "Happy" vibe to it with the piano and groove sound. I find my self nodding my head to this, it's just so uplifting in a way I can't explain and a sort of anthem vibe as well. I've always liked G-Druggin's music.

24. 4Minute's "What's Your Name?"

I like the mixture of hip hop and other genre's of music in this song. It makes me dance like an idiot and I love singing to it. Not only that but the MV's fucking insane.

23. T-ara N4 "Jeon Won Diary"

Song rocks, it rocks it rocks. Love it. Honestly you either love or hate this song. It's a hit or miss. It's a hit for me! These girls have SWAG.

22. Nine Muses "Dolls"

Slow jamish song with a sexy saxophone in the background is always great in my book. Nine Muses had a lot to bring this year, and this did battle with some of their other releases however, Dolls took the cake.

21. Taeyang's "Ringa Linga"

Awesome song. Cool video. Dope dance.

20. SNSD's "I Got a Boy"

If non title tracks were allowed on this list, then I'd just put "Express999", "Talk Talk" or "Romantic St." on the list. But that's not to say IGAB is terrible. It's my jam! I can see why people hate it, however I love it. It's very bizarre and out there, which is something I like in music.

19. SeunGri's "Gotta Talk to You"

All of Big Bang had good releases, and Seungri is no exception. This song is smooth, catchy, and sexy like him. He probably thought of this concept while watching is Ameri-Style pornos. I've always tend to like SeunGri's solo activities (or all of Big Bangs) and this was by far not a deal breaker.

18. Girl's Day's "Expectation"

Heavy clubbing music is always good to me. Girl's Day managed to pull this off wonderfully with a wicked cool song and nice vocals. 

17. Brown Eyed Girl's "Kill BIll"

A video with a story line???? JKJK. This song kicks ass, and I'm not sure if the video is supposed to make you laugh, but it made me laugh. I loved this Kill Bill references and everybody looked and sounded great! This was solid comeback with a solid album. In all honesty I would have come back with "Mystery Survivor" but I might just do a non-title track version of this list.

16. SHINee's "Everybody"

SM could have honestly have SHINee come back with any song off of this album and it would be on this list. This song is fun, jazzy, and all in all just great. If you aren't impressed with SHINee's dancing, then nothing impresses you and you need to get that stick out of your ass.

17. Glam's "Infront of the Mirror"

Trot songs are pleasurable. GLAM is a rookie group that have came out with a strong message. They're like BAP, in the sense that they're very diverse with they're releases, and is very different from "I Like That" which will show up on the list later. They make a strong message in this MV, very talented girls indeed.

16. G.Na ft. Ilhoon "Oops"

The song is very cute, the MV was okay. Ilhoon and G.Na make a good combination. When I first heard it, this song was stuck in my head for days. It's very catchy and overall a really good song.

15. SISTAR19's "Gone Not Around Any Longer" and BoA's "Disturbance"

I am saxophone biased. This is slow song, with a sad vibe. However I find this song very beautiful with good vocals from Hyorin and a good rap from Bora. (Side note Mah Boy will NOT be on this list. It was okay in my opinion but not amazing.) These two make an excellent combination. 

BoA manages to make a ballad with a lot of groove in it. I've replayed it many times  and it's one of my favorite BoA songs ever.

14. CL "The Baddest Female"

This song was shitted on, but I find it incredibly catchy and fun with it's slow hip hop vibe was cool. Call me a "Gizibae" all you want I still love it.

13. Lee Hi's "Rose"

One of those "beautiful" songs I like. Lee Hi's voice is great and so is this song.

12. Ladies Code's "Hate You"

You may or may not be surprised why these two are so close together, and it's because they're similar. However, Ladies' Code somehow manage to perfect it, and Zuny's rap was one of those points. However I find that both are amazing and should get recognition.

11. After School's "First Love"

"Get funky! Get down! HAAAAAAHHH!" lola. Outside of the keyboard intro, this song is amazing in my opinion. Sure it's sad and ballad but I find myself listening to this like a slow jam all the time. Not to mention, like always After School shows off their killer talents not just with vocals but with learning to freaking pole dance. After School, I slow clap for you.

10. Glam's "I Like That",  Exo's "Growl" and Lee Jung Hyun's "V"

Just listen to all three of them, they're amazing! *Runs because of cheating!!!*

9. Lee Hyori's "Bad Girls"

Fun and jazzy, I think Hyori's comeback was great! I love how she always incorporates satire's in her music videos that always leave interesting messages. Not to mention the MV was just great with a story line most could follow.

8. MBLAQ's "Smoky Girl" and Wonder Boyz "Tarzan"

Both are very smooth tracks with catchy as hell verses. They're just great and I love them!!!

7. VIXX's "Voodoo Doll"

Epic song and video. That's all I'm going to say.

6. SHINee's "Dream Girl"

Alas the solid and addictive track that is Dream Girl! This song does not disappoint at all. Start to finish, is just really amazing, great job guys!

5. T.O.P's "Doom Dada"

If this list was a top 30 or 40 then all of Big Bang would make the list. However, since I'm only doing top 20 I just settled for the two who stood out the most (and this battled hard with "Crooked." Top is a combination of sexy and hilarious and with this similar but very symbolic video has a song that is both jarring and pleasurable to me.

4. Block B's "Very Good"

Block B are very very good. The song is hype and filled with energy. Although Block B are both the best and worst bank robbers I've ever seen (best because they're fun and hot, worst because they don't know how to rob shit.) This song is definitely one of the best!

3. EXO's "Wolf"

I'm pretty sure a lot of you want to stone me for having this so high on my list (or on the list at all) Hell, if EXO reads this list they might even be like "WTF??? Is this bitch retarded or something??? It pained us to sing that shit!!!" but hey it's my list! And I think this song fucking rules. The ONLY thing I would change is the high pitched "Saranghaeyo." I would change that to a regular voice or a deeper voice to match the incredibly WTF lyrics but sexy dirty electronic vibe of the song. I will forever party hard to this song no matter how many times people shit on it. Not to mention Kai in those corn rows is just…Unf… Awoo bitch.

2C. TinyG's "Miss You"

This is a fairly new group composed of girls that more than limey come to my waist. Not kidding the whole concept behind TingG (Tiny Giant) is shorter than average. And with me being taller than average in the U.S. I would be greatly embarrassed standing next to any of these girls. But they make some great music and "Miss You" was so fucking awesome. This won't be going out of your head any time soon.

2B. Psy's "Gentleman"

Psy has always been one of my favorite solo artist, and the third most attractive guy in Kpop in my opinion. His music is very awesome and "Gentlemen" was a great follow up to "Gangnam Style" in fact I even think it's slightly superior. 

2A. F(x)'s "Rum Pum Pum Pum"

My favorite girl group always releasing amazing songs! "RPPP" is exotic and strange and that's what I love about it. Just listen to it.

1. EXID's "Every Night"

I have listened to this song SO MANY FREAKING TIMES it's ridiculous. I love it for the same reason I love "RPP." It's strange and different but all in the right reasons. This song is just freaking amazing and EXID is one of the most talented groups out there.

So out of all the "meh" releases of 2013 these were the shiniest of them all! However with the releases of 2014, it will be hard since 2014 is already off to great starts!!!

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