Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Orange Caramel Just Took 3rd Place

I have always enjoyed After School and Orange Caramel's music. However with Orange Caramel's recent comeback with "Catallena" I have gotten even more into their music, and thus they are, right now, my current obsession. 

I like their electronic/pop music. It's like a better version of J-Pop. Not kidding, I REALLY like it. (No offense to people who like Japanese Pop but I could just never get into it at all.) I like the band Perfume quite a bit (Suho_ftw introduced me to it) but I believe their golden tickets are anime and rock+metal music. They are excellent at those.

Not only that, but they are also cutsie in a way that doesn't make me want to barf. They're not like A-Pink cutsie, but they are cute in a hilarious and funny way that is actually entertaining. And in the current era that Kpop is in, where almost everyone is making money off of their ass and abs, Orange Caramel has been making money off of good music and fun videos with actual story lines and strong messages. So there for, they are now my third favorite group and one of my favorite groups of all time! Which means now my girl group ranking goes F(x)>2NE1>Orange Caramel>Brown Eyed Girls>SNSD. Sorry but their just so good!!!

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: This does not mean that I am Anti-SNSD nor am I no longer a fan of SNSD. This just means that I prefer one groups music over the others and it has nothing to do with how I view the members of SNSD as actual people. So please calm your tits Power of 9ers. Just because SNSD is #1 on your bias groups doesn't mean that they are everyone else's and if you can't except that, then please de-delude yourself. 

P.S. BEG has went from #5 to #4 because I've been listening to their music too. It's very good as well.

Since Raina is my bias in AS she'll still be bias in OC. (OC has the members Raina, Nana, and Lizzy from AS.)

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