Sunday, March 23, 2014

On The Whole "You Shouldn't Like Such-And-Such Because So-And-So Exist" Argument

A collage of my biases.

 I'm going to list my top ten biases from first (being ultimate bias) the first five are definite and the last five are in no particular order, but are still permanently on this list.

1. Onew(SHINee) [Jinki-Baby]
2. Taemin(SHINee) [Tae-Baby]
3. Taeyeon (SNSD) [#1 Sunbae]
4. Suho (EXO) [$uhobob Richpants]
5. Luna (F(x)) [Luny-Toon]
6. Zelo (BAP) [Jello Mochi Cheeks]
7. CL (2NE1) [The Baddest Female]
8. Nana (After School) [Most Gorgeous]
9. Joon (MBLAQ) [Joony]
10. Hani (EXID) [Master Rose]

The names in brackets are just titles I gave them.

Anybody that has any sort of bias has of course heard this argument: "Why do you like insert idol here???? Insert another here is soooooooo much more better/talented." There seems to be a fan war (Since 20 freaking 12) with the fans of BAP and EXO. People are saying stuff like "Why do you EXOtics even like EXO? BAP are way better!" Or "BABYs need to STFU! EXO is way more talented than BAP." And the whole time I wonder "And your point is???"

The reason why I say this is BAP has half the members of EXO. Which can work to both their advantage and disadvantage (depending on what the person deems talented.) EXO's has twelve members, allowing more "untalented" members to get away with being "untalented." BAP has only six, leaving waaaayyy less members to be "untalented." Or vice versa. BAP has less members that can all do what they do very well, so they appear more talented. EXO has twelve members, where some members get vastly overshadowed making them appear to only have like, six out twelve talented members. When they can all do well at what they do. It all depends on how you look at the two, and each fandom seem to have severe blind sides.
Okay…. So one group promoted new songs more….

Now anybody can detect general talent. However finding someone really talented is subjective, just like finding someone attractive (and people still can't get over that fact.) Some people think that Chanyeol is a better rapper. Some people think that Bang Yongguk is a better rapper. I honestly think the two should just put out a duet together. But that might make matters worse. Some people think Daehyun's a better singer. Other's will think Luhan's a better singer. It all comes down to what is your preference. Then there are some BabyExotics that have made some gems like this:
This isn't even the worst either could do lol.

Cha_Cha's the one who inspired me to right this post after a quote she gave me from Kpopalypse's blog "I don't want to hear anyone telling me not to listen to Bom,  just because there is also Ailee." Sure Ailee has serious power-house vocals, but just because a person loves Bom's vocals doesn't mean you should bash them for liking her! That's just stupid. That's like me telling my aunt she should't listen to Beyonce because Alicia Keys sings better. (And she has both their albums so that would be useless anyway…) Many people believe that Bom and Ailee (along with a string of other vocalist) are amazing!

Throw JeA in there and you have a good vocal line!

The exact same issue exist within specific randoms themselves. The SHINee fandom, for example has one prime example. I like Onew's voice because it is thick and soothing. However that won't stop some Blingers from going "JONGHYUNS VOICE IS MUCH BETTER!!!" Yes I agree Jonghyun has some of the best vocals in Kpop, and his voice gives me goosebumps at times, but sometimes I want to hear Onew sing me to sleep instead of belting high notes. There is a time and a place for belting beautiful notes, so of course when I'm emotional I'll listen to "Symptoms" and when I want to relax/nap I'll put on "Alarm Clock." It's not that big of a deal. (PS check out all of the JongYu/OnHyun fan service we've been getting!)

I like all of the idols mentioned in this post BTWs. I don't really dislike any idol.

  • Everyone has their preferences…
  • Bashing someone else's biases doesn't make yours better…
  • Have some respect. Idols are treated enough like crap as it is…
  • Enjoy life. Avoid the haters, but most importantly, don't become a hater.

Thanks for reading!


  1. *Rights on Banana* I eat haters for breakfast!!!1 *NOM NOM NOM*
    Same thing goes on between us Kai and Lay fans. People will argue down about who's better when they're both the shit.