Saturday, March 22, 2014

Lee Michelle Brought Me to Tears (In a Good Way)

First of all, congratulations to Lee Michelle on her debut. I am very happy with this music video and song. The song reminds me a lot of Jordan Spark's music, which isn't a bad thing at all not to mention her voice is just truly beautiful.

Here's my semi life story: I'm black, and although my family is mixed around we are black. However A LOT of us look really mixed which has brought over a lot of discrimination not just from people who aren't black, but black people as well.

I look mixed. In fact I was made fun of a lot by people of all races for looking half Asian. My mom was made fun of for being really light skinned as a kid (yes, that does happen.) And at one point I started to question if I even deserved to call my self an African American.

Boy was I stupid. 

Light skinned people's ancestor's world in-slaved just like a dark skinned people's and the only reason we are light skinned is because the slave master raped our ancestor's creating lighter skinned people. Some people can't understand that for some reason.

I have even been told that I self-shame because I listen to Kpop. But I'm not going to get into that right now, because if you like Justin Bieber or One Direction and saying that a person who listens to Kpop is anti-American then you're a dumbass. 

Awesome video, great song. A+ Lee Michelle. I think Yoon MiRae AKA T(Tasha) will also be brought to tears by this video. 

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