Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Korean Netizens Hate BoA…Wait What????

Now BoA is my favorite solo artist, for multiple reasons. But having really good music is the first reason. Now I went on AKF and saw a new article saying how Korean Netizens don't think BoA has "the face" for acting or some bullshit. I didn't want to believe it until I clicked the link and had my IQ drop by 50 points.

Brace yourself.

[Mini-Rant]- WTF is up with Netizens lately? It's like their purposely trying to get everyone to bash their heads in to death with shovels. Saying shit about how Angelina Jolie and Miranda Kerr are considered beautiful has nothing to do with BoA. Because first of all: BoA. Is. Korean. It makes sense that she wouldn't look like them. Also, shitting on BoA period when you don't know jack-shit about acting or her makes you look like a real big dumbass. [End-of-rant.]

Okay now, I'm going to go into acting and why skill is important when you act.

The job description is "acting." That should be enough to tell you something. Holy fucking flying spaghetti monster, you "act" your part. So when you spend majority of your movie/drama/sitcom/play making stank IDK faces then that's not acting, that's you sucking. Really badly. 

But you know what I don't blame the models for this. Blame the netizens and the models managers for A. Demanding that only beautiful people act. and B. Not giving them proper acting training so they won't suck. 

However when you have beautiful people like a lot of actors and actresses both in Korea and the west, everybody adores them and thinks they're amazing (or shit on them for their poor acting skills see: Kristen Stewart. A lot of netizens hate Suzy and Yoona O_O.) But mostly it's the first one. Their beauty can cover up the fact that they suck at acting. But that shit won't go down for everyone.

However when you actually have good actresses like Sarah Jessica Parker or Jennifer Lawrence that can actually act, everybody shits on them for their looks. Which in all honesty isn't fair and is why Jennifer probably gave the middle finger to the press after her Oscar winning. They're actors, not every one of them will be drop dead gorgeous because they're fucking acting. Not modeling. Let them do their job.

Same thing goes with a lot of Korean actresses, the ones that have actual acting skills but aren't considered beautiful either A. get pushed into supporting roles. or B. Get shitted on for not being as beautiful as the lead. Not that is some bullshit. Again, they're actors, not models, let them do their fucking job.

I personally think BoA would make a decent actress, seeing as she can pull off actual emotion. When I saw her MV for "Disturbance" I nearly cried. So if she doesn't have "the face" then she at least has "the talent" to "not suck." Netizens need to get their head out of their ass.

How in the fuck did the netizens miss that?????????

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