Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Key Helps Out a Cutter On Instagram

Key is my fist #1 Kpop bias (Onew is the second #1 bias.) And seeing him answer to this fan in decent English is melting my icy heart. Hopefully she'll see this and decide to stop cutting (even though Key telling her should not be the ONLY reason.) Key coming out and saying that he's done it too is pretty brave, Kpop artist don't usually keep their depressions secrets, but admitting cutting is a whole knew ball game. 

People say that the term "cutter" was in her instagram name, so I guess he's calling her that because of it or the fact that she's an actual cutter idk.

Key is the sexiest therapist I've ever seen...

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  1. proves he is just a normal guy i think i speak for cutter and say thank you means a a lot