Monday, March 17, 2014

3 Sentence Reviews - "Mr.Mr.", "COME BACK HOME", "Delicious", and "Whatcha Doin' Today?"

Korea's Princesses, Korea's Independent Women, Korea's Buddies, and Korea's ?_? all made comebacks and debut's in the month of Feb. and March. None of the songs are disappointing at all, so lets review these songs in 3 sentences give or take a few!

1st Review: SNSD -"Mr.Mr"

Great song. Not as good as "Come Back Home" though. The music video makes no sense until you see that post on tumblr, but still good.

2nd Review: 2NE1 - "COME BACK HOME"

Amazing song and video. Unlike SNSD's you can actually get the message of the video without a tumblr. However it's not my #1 song on this list, but it is most definitely my favorite video. 

3rd Review: Toheart (WooHyun &Key) - "Delicious"

This is my favorite song on the list. Not only is it just super catchy, it's also super fun. SNSD and 2NE1 had very serious comebacks, but Toheart had a fun, sort of jazzy debut that just suited them so well. The video's very cute too.

Final Review: 4Minute - "Whatcha Doin' Today?"

It's a less loony version "What's Your Name?" (Song wise.) Love the song, like Toheart they had a light hearted and fun comeback with a really good song. However the MV is too  much in resemblance to "What's Your Name?" with a shit tone of obvious GD "Michi-Go!" references. The only gems in this MV was Gayoon, Sohyun, and Jihyun. They are very cute and entertaining  HyunA was forgetful [but if you like HyunA you'll like this MV], and Jiyoon was hilarious with the whole "Rubbing my clit while on the toilet taking a shit with men looking at me." But that's the only thing I remember from her. The other three were standing out all throughout the MV. Glad to see 4Minute is getting away from their "HyunA and Her Backup Dancers" days. 

List of My Faves:
1. Delicious
3. Mr.Mr.
4. Whatcha Doin' Today?

Looks like Kpop is off to a great kick in the year!

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