Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Ongoing Battle Between Taemin and His Dongsaeng Jongin


1. Take note it takes ALOT for me to think a person is ugly. Like ALOT, ALOT. I have absolutely no real preference when it comes to the sexiness or attractiveness of people. Example: a lot of people think Xiumin could never be sexy. I nicknamed him SeXiumin because I find steaming with sexiness!

2. So this blog is really just for goofy purposes, considering this entire site is is called "Goofing Off With Kpop" 

3. At NO time in the history of my Kpop experience I thought Taemin and Kai were ugly, so don't put words into my mouth. 

4. SHINee is my #1 ultimate bias group, and EXO is in my ultimate faves list.

5. I'm not talking about who's the better dancer here. This has nothing to do with how either of them dance. Nor is this about biases, because Taemin always has, and always will be #3 on the bias list and Kai will always be #4.

Now that that's over with lets get on with it!

When it came to the most attractive boys in kpop Onew shits on everyone. It's always been Onew>>>>>>>wall NOBODY can jump over>Taemin and the rest I'm not going to rank. Seriously, Onew is the most attractive person in kpop in MY own personal opinion and if you have a problem with it take it somewhere else please? *does Tao's famous buing~buing*

EXO came and I liked Kai from the start but didn't know much about him so then it became Onew>>>>>>>wall NOBODY can jump over>Taemin>Kai. Taemin and Kai DO look a like, so then I had them share the #2 spot until 2013 came, BoA's disturbance was released and Taemin looked absolutely great in it thus, him being alone on the #2 spot and Kai being #3.

Then "Dream Girl" came, and he looked so depressed in the pencil pants shots. Then "Why So Serious" came out and well:

It takes ALOT of work to make Taemin look depressed. S.M. stylist found a way to exaggerate it. 

Blonde Taemin has always been iffy to me. But SM was just cruel. Seriously. Just no. He looked so sad, depressed, and unhealthy. I just wanted him to go take a nap because he looked like he deserved it. Maybe something personal was going on in his life, and I can understand that. Maybe it was because he knew that "Why So Serious" was… not the best SHINee song. Ever. I felt so bad for him because he works so hard and is so talented, and S.M. does this.

Then EXO's "Wolf" came out and showcased this:

Kai with cornrows: YES! It sucked that SM could do Kai's hair good but Taemin got the short end of the stick. So then it went to Onew>>>>>>>wall NOBODY can jump over>Kai>Taemin. Keep in mind SHINee was promoting in Japan where Taemin started to look a lot better and more happy.

And then "Growl":
"Sorry hyung!"

And it stayed the same, especially since SM didn't white out Kai's face this time. Seriously, he looks better with darker skin. Plus I started seeing more interviews of him, and his personality won me over from the start.

So then Taemin was like:

And then SHINee's "Everybody" where Taemin started to look ALOT better with his black hair:

Ahhh that's better.

And then the "Colorful" MV:

FINALLY!!! THANK YOU SM FOR BRINGING MAH SEXY TAEMIN BACK!!! He looks a lot more happier and healthier.

So now it's *drumroll* Onew>>>>>>wall NOBODY can jump over>Taemin+Kai.

Sehun is kind of useless in this, but I made him work.

 Yeah their sharing again. Seems like Kai likes challenging his hyung and Taemin doesn't mind having a friendly battle. Hopefullu Kai won't try to win #2 again, because that's a vicious cycle.

Hope you weren't offended by this goofy post, just something that was on my mind at the moment.

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