Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Suho is Underrated???

So I was searching something on google when images like these came up:

They all come from Unpopular Kpop-Opinions on tumblr. I could never get into that tumblr because majority of the opinions seem to come from people who are far too judgmental and contributors to the infamous insert band name here anti's. But moving on…

Is this for real Korean netizens? I've looked up some rankings of the members popularity and Suho supposedly isn't even in the top 5 in Korea, China, or the States. However Sehun is in the top 5 in all three???

Not hating I was just shocked since Sehun can come off bratty and disrespectful which is not a very attractive trait in the three countries. Say what you want about the U.S. but we recognize bullshit in a heart beat. And don't try to pull that whole "Sehun's just a realist" because just because you're a nice person doesn't mean you're fake, and just because you're an asshole doesn't mean you're real. Trust me, I know plenty of fake assholes and plenty of genuinely nice people. 

But of course I love Sehun because let's just face it, you have to accept the good and bad in people and he's a sweetheart when he wants to be (or with Luhan.)

Now onto this:
How in the actual fuck is Suho one of the more unpopular members? Fuck underrated because that's being used out of context, unpopular is a more correct use. Okay here's why:
  • If you're a vocal_fag (meaning you're really into people with powerful vocals) Suho sings like an angel.
  • If you're a visual_fag (meaning you get real into the hotties) Suho is fucking hot. (Yes I understand that can be a subjective opinion.)
  • If you're a shorty_fag (meaning you like the shorter peoples) Suho's only like 5'7.
  • If you're an oldy_fag (meaning you like people who are/act old) Suho has the nickname "Gramps" for a reason and he's the oldest member in Exo K
  • If you're a personality_fag [like me] (meaning you love a person with a strong personality) I find Suho quite complex in the personality category.
  • If you're a money_fag (meaning you like peoples with a lot of money in the bank) $uho is very well off.
  • If you're an abs_fag (meaning you love a dude with nice abs) I've done a post dedicated to Suho's abs which you can check out here
  • If you're an exo_fag (meaning you love exo) Suho's in the group and obviously you love all the members equally, so this one has no purpose.
Now of course liking someone based off their looks, money, or height can be shallow and weird but I'm just giving dogs a bone here. Oh yeah and yes I do read AKF, otherwise the use of the word "fag" would have a different and offensive meaning.

Now get this, Suho isn't even my #1 favorite member in EXO and I named myself after him. I have never named my usernames after someone else. Nope, never. Never hannahmontanalover1234, never kpopfan97 none of that. It was always one of my nicknames. However my blogger, twitter, and tumblr account are the newest social networking sites I've made and I named myself after Suho! That says quite a lot if you knew how long I've been on the internet. I might just make Suho my #1 member just to show him some love.

Overall I am shocked, I always thought Suho was one of the more popular members but I guess I was proven real wrong. 

Side note, Suho looks like a cross between an angel and an evil villain to me. What I mean by that is that his adorable baby face seems a bit off because he can be so darkly sexy. 

Suho Photo Spam Time:

I wonder if it hurt when he fell out of heaven.

I like that shirt XD… Oh yeah, Suho <3

Sad Suho is sad… And attractive.


He has a really cute face in my opinion :D

He always has this classic and clean image.

Never forget.

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