Friday, January 31, 2014

Suho is a GILF (Grandpa I'd Like to F*ck)

Dear Suho,
        My dear, dear Suho. I am about to loose all pride and street credit however I will not loose my self worth because of what I'm about to say.
        I have always had a thing for older men, or males who act old. Here's why:
        My grandpa, Bubby and grandma married in the late 1950's and had over fifty years of a great marriage before my Bubby passed away in March of 2012. I was born in 1997 (keep your cool) and in my fourteen years of knowing and looking up to this man, I know why my grandmother loved him very much.
        That being said, my father disappeared when I was around three (he reappeared when I was nine and we have a nice relationship now.) So growing up, Bubby was the only father figure I had. He was my father for the first eight years of my life, and for that I will always have made respect for him. Bubby and my father were especially close. I was crazy for him even as an infant. I was a grandpa's girl.
         By Bubby being there for me, I looked up to the man with the greatest repeat and so did everyone in the family. He was polite, funny, and a joy to be around. (Side note, crazy ass Chanyeol was born the same day, November 27th, as him. He can even remind me of Bubby at times. Maybe that's why I have a very soft spot for Chanyeol.) And in his sickly days, I took part in helping my grandmother out with him along with my mother and other family members.
        They don't make men like Bubby anymore. Well, they do, but it's rare and always a pleasure, so I'm attracted to elderly acting men/ older men (and by older I mean between 5 and 10 years apart from my age.) Which is one of the many factors as to why Onew is my #1 bias in all of Kpop because he knows he can act old. Maybe it's the way they combine goofiness with maturity that I find so appealing because that's just what Bubby was: goofy and mature.
         Now, I'm not saying I would bang Bubby. That is just sick. However, if a man treats me/ acts like Bubby then that is a definite good sign to me. It's just how I was raised and what I find attractive, and honestly I don't see like a goofy and silly yet mature and smart guy a bad thing.
         With that said this is what I wish to do with YOU in particular Suho (once September 18 2015 has bestowed upon me.):
I would take you one of those old school restaurants that old people like. Hole-in-the-wall places that have been around since the early 1900's that smell of grease and seasonings.
         Then I would walk us home (supporting you with your cane.)
          Next I would shower you and wash your hair. Then I would brush it (I always brushed Bubby's hair as a kid.)
           Then I would proceed to do things with you that would probably make both of us ache especially in the arthritis joints of our bodies. But it will be so worth it.
          You and Onew will forever be my favorite GILF's and Sugar Daddy's. 
Please do me every which way you please! (Once September 18 2015 ha come of course.)

I have no regrets.

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