Thursday, January 23, 2014

Awesome Drama "Prime Minister and I" Uses Taemin for OST Song

Can I say I like drama songs without getting bricks thrown at me? I like the usage of guitars in them and the uplifting vibe of most of them. I'm not saying Kpop needs to start pumping them out but I find them quite enjoyable.

With that said this is not the first S.M. artist I have liked doing OST's. I love Taeyeon's songs from drama's and I loved Sunny's "The Second Drawer" from the "Queen of the Classroom" drama last year. I feel like their voices sound so flawless whenever they do these kinds of songs.

With that said I found this quite enjoyable, and "Prime Minister and I" is probably one of my favorite drama's, and this MV is all clips from the drama, not Taemin. I especially like Yoona in this drama, I find the role to come so natural to her. Not to mention this drama is so freaking hilarious, seriously, everybody likes it and I can easily say it's most definitely worth the watch.

Like most OST songs and just Taemin in general I find that Taemin's voice has improved to the point that it's almost shocking to hear his voice say, five years ago. He was never bad, but he has definitely matured. His voice sounds so good in this, it's certainly deeper than other songs I've heard him do. In other words, I think his voice is beautiful. Also, I feel this song is very sweet, which suits Taemin because he's adorable.

This song makes me smile :)

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