Monday, January 20, 2014

Male Idols I Find Really Attractive But Everyone Else Thinks Aren't

Some of them don't have a sharp jawline, V line, chocolate abs, white skin, tall or EVEN have double eye-lids. Gasp! How dare they not live up to some shitty standard of beauty/ attractiveness! I should be disgusted by them according to what's popular, but these are SOME of the hottest dudes in Kpop in my own personal opinion. 

Disclaimer: this is based off of my own knowledge and bands I'm familiar with. Plus I find nobody in Kpop ugly anyways. Also, if you've read this for a while the first 3 won't be new to you.

1. SHINee's Onew/ Jinki
Onew is my ultimate bias in all of kpop, and also the hottest dude in ALL of Kpop for me. Believe or not, some have had the audacity to call him ugly. Fucking ugly??? Everyone drops their panties for Minho, and while Minho is sure as hell not ugly, I'll take Jinki, Jinki-baby, baby, baby!!!

"Looks to me, like you need some dubu lovin'."

2. SHINee's Taemin/ TaeMan
I've NEVER heard anyone say anything about Taemin's looks, minus Key for what he said about his butt being nice, but honestly Taemin and Kai hold the #2 spot for me. People complain about him looking real girly, and I'm not going to lie he definitely can. But when he's hot, god lord he's HOT.

"There hasn't been a day, NOT A DAY I haven't prayed to S.M. to let me be this hot."

3. EXO K's Kai/ Jongin
People rag on him about his dark skin. I tell them to stick Luhan's fist up their asses (we all know that pic.) Dude is sexy as hell and adorable as puppies. He get's a lot of love from the international fans though. 

"The contrast between my cute and sexy side is so strong, Noona's think I'm bi polar!"

4.  B.A.P's Bang Yongguk
He's fucking gorgeous. Not going to say anything else.

"I've got the POWER, to make ovaries explode."

5. Big Bang's G-Dragon/ Jiyoung
T.O.P is hot. Not going to lie. But GD stands out more to me.


6. Super Junior's Eunhyuk
The fact that I have to put him here is fucking blowing me. Donghae and Eunhyuk are the 2 hottest members of Super Junior.

"Oh my gosh Donghae, we make women swoon half-way across the world! Who would've thought that?!?"

7. EXO M's Xiumin/Minseok/ SeXiumin
SeXiumin, need I say more? Okay, I gave him that nickname for a reason. Ohhh my!!! DEM BAOZI'S!!!

"I'm truly flattered by your compliments suho_ftw." *Sexy smile* 

8. B.A.P's Jongup
Nom. Nom. Nom. Nom. He's a shy, shy, shy boy! And he makes it work extremely well.

"So, you like shy boys eh?"

9. Big Bang's Daesung
Daesung's adorable, especially when he smiles.

"Me fugly?!? HAHAHAHAAHAH!!!" *Adorable smile*

10. EXO M's Chen/ Jongdae
My recent post on Chen said that I find him sexy. Yeah, it hasn't changed, he's very exotic (no EXO pun intended) to me which I find attractive. 

"Ahhh, stop it!"

Bonus: Block B's Zico/ Jiho

God bless his crazy ass! But seriously, in pictures he either looks high as hell or is doing aegyo exceptionally well. Like wtf? Then again he's a virgo like me so he's slightly bi polar.

Hmmm just now realizing majority of these dudes have monolids. Do I have a thing for them??? Nothing I'm ashamed of :) 

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